Elementor Addon Elements


Supercharge your Elementor Page Builder experience by using our free addon – Elementor Addon Elements. This addon comes with 24+ widgets and extensions that will give more power to your Elementor based website. It has an easy-to-use interface that will allow you to create any design with just a few clicks!
Incorporate these creative elements in Elementor to make your WordPress website look more attractive and accessible than before.
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Elementor Addon Elements Features

We have built 24+ useful widgets and extensions to enhance your Elementor Page Building experience.

  1. Timeline – Create a stunning horizontal timeline for your posts, page, custom post types, or for any static text.
  2. Info Circle – Present your content in an attractive circle layout, using pre-defined styles.
  3. Comparison Table – Add a beautiful table to compare products and services.
  4. Content Switcher – Switch between multiple contents like Primary and Secondary.
  5. Thumbnail Slider – Add a responsive slider with custom thumbnails and transition effects.
  6. Chart – Create amazing graphical data charts and customize them accordingly.
  7. After/Before Image Compare – Let your viewers compare between the before and after versions of an image.
  8. Filterable Gallery – Create an image gallery for custom content or custom posts.
  9. Wrapper Link – Make sections and columns clickable by assigning links to them.
  10. Particle Background – Add creative particle background effects in sections to attract visitors.
  11. Background Slider – Add sliders to make the backgrounds look appealing.
  12. Animated Gradient Background Slider – Add eye-catching backgrounds to your Elementor sections and columns.
  13. Modal Popup – Add a Read More button on the post archive that opens the content in a popup using Modal Popup widget.
  14. Google Map – Show Google Map on your website with various styling options including Snazzy Maps.
  15. Twitter Feed – Exhibit your Twitter feed in different styles.
  16. Progress Bar – Add Progress Bar with four pre-defined skins, which can be customized accordingly.
  17. Animated Text – Add stylish headings to your website.
  18. Text Separator – Separate your text using fancy dividers.
  19. Flip Box – Use animated Flip Boxes to highlight any content on your page.
  20. Split Text – Present heading in two distinct styles.
  21. Dual Button – Design the Call To Action buttons more attractively and elegantly.
  22. Price Table – Present your pricing plans in a stylish table layout.
  23. Post List – Design your blog posts in a listed manner.
  24. Data Table – Display your data in a well-structured table format with lots of flexibility and customization options.

Why should you choose Elementor Addon Elements?

Fully Customizable

The Elementor Addon provides you with lots of options and controls to customize every element of the widget as you need. You can apply different styles, color schemes, or use any combination to make your content more appealing than ever before!

Light Weight and Instant Loading

Code is optimized for fast loading and instant live editing with no extra resources.

Expert Support

We have a highly efficient support team who are always ready to help you. Ask your queries in Support Forum or contact us directly.

Widget Manager

Enable & Disable widgets as per your requirement to reduce the loading time. You can easily disable the unnecessary widgets of Elementor Addon Elements.

Regular Updates

Fully compatible with Elementor Free & Elementor Pro versions. We keep track of upcoming Elementor releases from the beta phase and ensure that Elementor Addon Elements is always fully compatible with the latest release of Elementor and Elementor Pro.

Elementor Page Builder is Required For This Plugin. Make sure that Elementor Page Builder is installed, and activated to your website in terms to use this plugin.

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Imagens de tela

  • Price table widget - It lets you create beautiful Pricing Table without any coding.
  • Content switcher - Use Content Switcher to present multiple content options smartly.
  • Flip box - Give your boring content more interactiveness with the flip effect.
  • Comparison table - Add a table to sight the difference between two or more products.
  • Advanced filterable gallery - Let your visitors navigate easily between different image categories.
  • Thumbnail slider - Create beautiful customized thumbnails for your slider.
  • Widget Manager - Load widgets on demand when required.
  • Elementor addon widgets section


  1. First make sure that Elementor Page Builder is installed, As this plugin works only with it.
  2. Download the plugin and then Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

To know more details, checkout the Getting Started Guide.


Can I use the Elementor Addon Elements without Elementor?

No, you cannot use this plugin without Elementor as it’s an addon for Elementor Page Builder.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it works with any WordPress theme that works with Elementor.

Will it slow down my site speed?

Elementor Addon Elements is a lightweight plugin, optimized for fast loading. Also, it gives you control to enable only the required elements for your website and thus makes your site faster.

Do I need to Configure the plugin?

No configurations are required to use this plugin. Once you install and activate the plugin, you are ready to go.

Does it work with Elementor Pro?

Yes, absolutely.

Where can I find the new element added?

New elements are added at the end of the default elementor widget area under the category “Elementor Addons Elements”.


1 de Novembro, 2021
As an expert WordPress developer (and big Elementor fan), I am always looking for flexible, customizable widgets for client webpage development. I use a lot of the widget packs available, each for their own strengths and unique widgets. I can highly recommend EAE, most notably for the comparison table. This widget allowed me to implement a competitive product table for a client. But what was even better was the fact that WPVibes was VERY responsive on support that allowed me to customize the table (removing the pricing row) with just a little CSS. BTW, you can put logos into the column headers by just dropping HTML into the column header name field (allowed me to drop in competitor logos). Again, can't recommend EAE or WPVibes more highly!
24 de Outubro, 2021
Elementor Addons is a big part of my work-flow when designing on WordPress. I think is very useful and easy to manage plugin. Highly recommendable, even for beginners.
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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

“Elementor Addon Elements” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações


  • Enhancement : Added WPML support for Data Table, Content Switcher & Chart
  • Enhancement : Added Entrance Animation for Modal Popup
  • Tweak : Added Thumbnail width and background settings
  • Tweak : Fix Widget break in Modal Popup Content


  • Fixed : FlipBox Cube Hover Not Working.
  • Fixed : Animated Gradient color change Bug.
  • Fixed : Comparison Table feature tooltip hide on some themes.


  • Enhancement : Added compatibility with Elementor 3.4.0
  • Fixed : Modal Popup page scroll on responsive.


  • Fixed : Wrapper Link Bug.
  • Tweak : Added Dynamic capability to Thumbnail Slider .


  • Fixed : Data Table Responsive issues.
  • Fixed : Fixed nonce verification issue.
  • Fixed : JS optimized
  • Tweak : Added alignment control to Data Table Widget
  • Tweak : Added Compatibility for WPML 4.5


  • Fixed : Modal Popup Label Corrected for Height Control
  • Fixed : Content Switcher Label CSS


  • Fixed conflict with Gravity Forms.


  • Fixed: Admin Notice Fixed.


  • Fixed: Features image not visible in Post List widget.


  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with PHP 7.2 or lower after previous release.


  • Fixed: Sanitized options in the editor to enforce better security policies


  • Fixed: Conditionally loading JS files only when related widget is used.
  • Fixed: CSS rule conflicting with other widgets.


  • New Widget: Data Table
  • Enhancement: Added Typography & Align options to Content Switcher
  • Fixed: Filterable Gallery height bug fix


  • New Widget: Chart
  • Enhancement: Added Pause on Hover to Thumbnail Slider


  • Tweak: Added Compatibility for Elementor 3.1


  • Fixed: Admin notice issue


  • New Widget : Thumbnail Slider
  • Fixed: Filterable Gallery Layout Break
  • Fixed: Dual Button Spacing not working
  • Tweak: Added Dynamic capability to BG Slider
  • Tweak: Added Dynamic capability to After/Before Image Compare
  • Tweak: Added Dynamic capability to Info Circle Image, Title.


  • Fixed: Content Section Border Radius bug
  • Fixed: Typography not working on title for skin2 and skin3
  • Fixed: Filterable Gallery overlay icon bug


  • New Widget: Content Switcher


  • Enhancement : Added Support for RTL
  • Fixed: Shape Separator missing shapes added
  • Fixed: Link Custom Attribute bug
  • Fixed: Animated Text Overflow bug
  • Tweak: Custom Offset option added in Timeline widget
  • Tweak: Added option to trigger on mouseover in Info Cirlce widget


  • Fixed tablet mode compatibility in Comparison Table
  • Fixed css issues in few widgets
  • Fixed missing wpml strings
  • Fixed issue in Particles opverlapping content
  • Added option to manage All tab text in Filterable Gallery


  • Fixed compatibility with Elementor 3.0


  • New : WPML Support added
  • Tweak: Added Padding Option Price Table Features
  • Tweak: Image added to Modal Popup Button
  • Fix: Comparison Table Button Heading Default CSS
  • Fix: Comparison Table Check and Cross Icon Color


  • Fixed a potential security issues. Immediate update recommended.


  • Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 5.4


  • Tweak: Added option to define Feature Heading and Button Heading in Comparison Table
  • Tweak: Added capability to style individual cards in Timeline widget
  • Tweak: Enhancements in Filterable Gallery
  • Tweak: Automatic CSS Regenerated on plugin re-activation.
  • Fix: Text Separator blank icon migration issue resolved
  • Fix: Modal Popup Close button icon migration issue resolved


  • Icon Migration from Font Awesome 4 to Font Awesome 5.
  • Fixed issue with SVG display
  • Modal Popup Close Button Spacing option added.
  • Dual Button CSS fix
  • After/Before Image Compare separator css fix.
  • Timeline OrderBy Field issue fix.
  • Comparison Table Check and Close icon css class update to fa5.
  • Masonry dependencies issue bug fix to filterable gallery.
  • Section Column cursor css added.


  • New Widget: Filterable Gallery
  • New Widget: Wrapper Link
  • Fix: Dual Button Padding
  • Fix: New module added default activate
  • Fix: Modal Popup shortcode not rendering fix
  • Tweak: Modal Popup content type AE-Template option added


  • Fixed php warning in Particle Background modules


  • Fixed : Date issue with Timeline widget.


  • Fixed issue with missing CSS code from previous release.


  • Enhancement: Added option to disable modules from that backend dashboard
  • Enhancement: Added option in google map to open info window on load
  • Fixed: Date format issue in Timeline widget
  • Fixed: Optimized js code of After Before Image Comparison widget for better performance.


  • New Widget: Progress Bar
  • New Widget: Dual Button
  • New Feature: Animated Background Color on Section and Column Background
  • Fix: WPML Compatibility fix for Post List widget.


  • New Widget: Timeline
  • New Widget: Info Circle
  • New Widget: Comparison Table


  • New Widget: Pop Up
  • New Feature: Background slider
  • Enhancement: Animation option added in Gmap marker icon
  • Enhancement: More effects added in flipbox


  • New Widget: After/Before Image Compare
  • New Feature: Particles Background on Sections
  • Enhancement: Added dynamic content support for Text Separator & FlipBox
  • Bug Fix: Issue with flipbox on iPhones.


  • New Widget: Google Map (With support for Snazzy Maps)
  • New Widget: Twitter (Add timeline, tweet button, hashtag etc)
  • Enhancement: Added Fade effect in FlipBox widget.
  • Enhancement: Inline editing in Text Separator widget. Coming soon for other widgets.
  • Bug Fix: Typography issue in Animated Text widget.


  • Added new widget “Split Text”


  • Added gradient background option in Flipbox, Pricetable & Animated Text
  • Fix: css issue in Post List on mobile view.


  • New Element – Animated Text
  • Fixed issue: icons missing after elementor 1.0 release.
  • Fixed issue: now uses except in post list element if available.


  • Added more controls for price box section of Price Table
  • Fixed IE11 animation issue in flipbox.


  • Added responsive controls to Post List
  • Corrected typo in Post List controls


  • Fixed bug found in previous release. It broke text separator.


  • Fixed issue with icon css in various elements.
  • Fixed issue – text separator overlapping content below when aligned left or right.
  • Added new element Post List
  • Added new element Shape Separator


  • Fixed php notices issue while using with WP_DEBUG true.
  • Added width and align parameters to Text Separator. Now control the width and alignment of Text Separator.


  • Introducing new element – FLIP BOX
  • Fixed issue with price table border radius and background.


  • Initial Launch with Text Separator element and Price Table