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Introducing the AI Image Generator, the innovative WordPress plugin that utilizes the latest advancements in OpenAI and Dall-E technology to revolutionize the way you generate and edit images! With this cutting-edge plugin, you can easily generate AI-created images of various sizes (256×256, 512×512, 1024×1024 in the free version and with PRO version you can generate up to 1792×1024 or 1024×1792 pixels) with just a few clicks of a button. You can request up to 10 images at once using Dall-E 2 and one image at a time with Dall-E 3, making it easy to create a diverse range of images for your website.


  1. (free) – Creating variations of an existing image
  2. (free) – Creating images from scratch based on a text prompt. The PRO version will give you access to Dall-E 3 enhanced details mode and HD images with resolutions up to 1792px.
  3. (coming in the future) – Creating edits of an existing image based on a new text prompt

What sets this plugin apart is its ability to create stunning variations of existing images, which is made possible by the power of Dall-E. The AI Picture Generator takes your existing image and produces a range of variations based on your preferences. The AI-generated images can be used for a variety of purposes, including adding visual interest to blog posts, creating engaging social media posts, and even enhancing e-commerce product images.

AI image generator works with JPEG and PNG formats. Moreover, the plugin has the unique ability to crop images into squares automatically. This ensures that images generated are compatible with DALL-E’s image size requirements, a neural network that generates images from textual descriptions.

AI image generator integrates directly into WordPress media modal. This feature allows you to easily generate images and use them in blog posts, website pages or other content types. You can save the generated images to media library or download the images to you computer, giving you the flexibility to use the generated visuals in any way you want.

You can effortlessly create exclusive and customized images for your website by generating entirely new visuals from a text prompt. The cutting-edge AI Text to Image Generator feature empowers you to produce high-quality images, even without prior design expertise. With just a few clicks, you can input your desired text, and the AI will handle all the intricacies, resulting in stunning images for your website.

Overall, the AI Image Generator for WordPress is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to create high-quality, professional-looking images for their website. With its powerful image generation capabilities, ease of use, and exciting new features in development, this plugin is a must-have for any WordPress site owner or blogger.

Upgrade to PRO to generate higher resolution images (1792x1024px or 1024x1792px) and use enhanced details mode which will give you the most stunning images you can create with AI.

But that’s not all. The OpenAI Image Generator is constantly evolving to bring you new and exciting features:

AI Image Editor is an exciting new feature that is currently in development. This feature will allow you to edit existing images based on a new text prompt, using the power of Dall-E to seamlessly blend the new image elements into the existing image. You can specify which parts of the image you want to edit using a mask, and the AI will generate a new image based on your prompt.

Boost Your Creative Process with AI-Generated Image Variations using OpenAI and Dall E

With the AI Image Generator, you can effortlessly create images that are perfect for your website, blog, or social media. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or just looking for something to spruce up your personal project, this plugin has you covered.

With AI photo generation, the AI Image Generator is perfect for those who want to create high-quality images without having to spend hours on design software. Our advanced algorithms use AI-generated images, resulting in images that are unique, high-quality, and visually stunning.

Using our AI-powered image creation technology, you can create unlimited variations of your images with ease. With our AI picture generator, you can choose from a range of different image styles, allowing you to create custom images that fit your needs perfectly.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the AI Image Generator today and start creating amazing images that will blow your audience away!

Text to Image AI

As AI Image Generator continues its relentless evolution, we are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking development in our journey: the revolutionary integration of Dall E and OpenAI API to generate awe-inspiring images based on text.

AI Image Generator PRO leverages the immense power of Dall E and OpenAI, two titans of the AI realm. This cutting-edge technology utilizes sophisticated algorithms to meticulously analyze your text input, resulting in a visually stunning representation that authentically captures the very essence of your words.

We’re excited to see how users will take advantage of this text-to-image generator AI feature.

Introducing AI Image Generator PRO:

Unlock the power of text-to-image transformation with AI Image Generator PRO:

The PRO version of the plugin comes with three very powerful features:
1. Higher resolution images – AI Image Generator PRO uses the full capabilities of Dall-E 3 to generate HD images with resolutions of 1792x1024px or 1024x1792px.
2. Enhanced details mode – By using this mode your imges will be sharper and more beautiful than ever. This mode usees the full creativity of AI to generate images with stunning details and creates images with finer details and greater consistency across the image
3. New Natural style for images: Bring authenticity to your visuals. The ‘Natural’ feature creates images that look genuine and lifelike, avoiding the artificial feel of hyper-realism.

Witness a new era of AI-generated imagery, where the superior quality and realism you’ve come to expect from AI Image Generator reach unparalleled heights. Our dedicated team is diligently working behind the scenes, fine-tuning the AI text-to-image generator to ensure a seamless and breathtaking experience, poised to elevate our product to extraordinary heights.

Next Development Phase: AI Image Editor using Dall E and OpenAI in AI Image Generator Plugin

AI Image Editing Based on Marking and Text Instructions
The user uploads an image and then employs a tool (similar to a brush in Photoshop) to mark the areas where editing is desired. Subsequently, the user enters a description in the text field specifying what they want the artificial intelligence to replace, edit, or add. The AI will then edit the image to fulfill the provided instructions.

The image editing process entails uploading an existing image and formulating requirements in the form of textual descriptions. AI Image Generator will then generate a new image according to the given specifications. For instance, one can upload a landscape image and request the sky to be modified to a clear and sunny appearance. AI Image Generator will subsequently generate a new image with the sky modified as requested. This functionality proves immensely valuable in the advertising field, where the frequent creation of personalized images for marketing campaigns or advertisements is crucial.

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  • The AI image generator is integrated directly in every Media Modal on the website for easier access and usability.
  • “Get perfectly sized images with AI Image Generator’s cropping feature. Compatible with DALL-E sizes, it simplifies the image creation process.” #aiimagegenerator #dalle #croppingfeature
  • Generate multiple high-resolution images in seconds with the AI image generator plugin’s customizable settings. Perfect for any project.
  • Easily save your AI generated images to WordPress media library or download to your computer. Efficiently create visuals with our AI image generator.
  • Get full control over your AI generated images with our plugin. Easily set the API KEY, number and resolution of images to match your needs. Try now!
  • Easy onboarding experience and Open AI API Key validation.


To start using AI Image Generator you will have to:

  1. Install AI Image Generator by Cognitive Dynamics
  2. Create an account on and login
  3. Generate your “Secret API key” by following this link and copy it.
  4. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > Media > AI Generator (On the left side menu find “Media” and click or hover on it. In the submenu of Media There is a button “AI Generator”.)
  5. Paste your key in the main field and click submit.


Do I need to pay for the plugin to work

Yes you do, because the plugin uses the OpenAI API to generate Images. You will have to generate an OpenAI API key to use it and buy usage credits from Open AI

What does AI Image Generator plugin actually do?

The plugins has or will have three main functions:
1. (free) – Creating variations of an existing image
2. (free) – Creating images from scratch based on a text prompt. The PRO version will give you access to Dall-E 3 enhanced details mode, HD images with resolutions up to 1792px and a natural style of images.
3. (coming in the future) – Creating edits of an existing image based on a new text prompt

What is the AI Image Generator plugin?

The AI Image Generator is a WordPress plugin that utilizes OpenAI and Dall-E technology to create AI-generated images for your website.

How does the AI Image Generator work?

The plugin allows you to create AI-generated images of various sizes with just a few clicks. You can also generate stunning variations of existing images based on your preferences, using a wide range of styles and effects.

Do I need any design experience to use the AI Image Generator?

No, you don’t need any design experience to use the plugin. Simply enter your preferences, and the AI will take care of the rest.

How many images can I generate at once?

You can generate up to 10 images at once, making it easy to create a diverse range of images for your website.

What sizes of images can I generate with the AI Image Generator?

You can generate images of various sizes, including 256×256, 512×512, and 1024×1024 pixels.

Will the AI Image Generator be adding new features in the future?

Yes, the AI Image Generator is constantly evolving to bring you new and exciting features, such as a AI Image editor using Dall-E and OpenAI.

Can I edit existing images using the AI Image Generator?

In the future yes! The AI Image Editor is another exciting feature currently in development that will allow you to edit existing images based on a new text prompt, using the power of Dall-E to seamlessly blend new image elements into the existing image.

Is the AI Image Generator easy to use?

Yes, the plugin is very user-friendly and easy to use, even if you don’t have any design experience.

Can I use the AI Image Generator for personal and commercial projects?

Yes, the AI Image Generator can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

What are AI generated images?

AI generated images are images that are created using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. The AI Image Generator uses OpenAI and Dall-E to create high-quality, unique images that are visually stunning.

What is OpenAI?

OpenAI is an AI research laboratory consisting of the for-profit corporation OpenAI LP and its parent company, the non-profit OpenAI Inc. OpenAI is dedicated to developing advanced AI technologies that are safe and beneficial to humanity.

What is Dall-E?

Dall-E is an image generation model created by OpenAI that can generate high-quality images from textual descriptions. The AI Image Generator uses the power of Dall-E to create stunning image variations and generate images from text.

What is the AI Image Generator from text?

The AI Image Generator from text is a feature that is available in the PRO version of AI Image Generator. It allows you to generate entirely new images from a text prompt. This feature uses the power of Dall-E and OpenAI to create high-quality images without any design experience.


22 de Maio, 2023
I recently had the opportunity to explore the AI Image Generator plugin By Cognitive Dynamics, and I must say that it has completely revolutionized the way I create and edit images.
16 de Maio, 2023
As a website owner, I have experimented with countless WordPress plugins in my time, but I can confidently say that this particular plugin stands head and shoulders above the rest. From its impressive functionality to its top-notch performance, it’s truly a game changer for any WordPress website.
17 de Março, 2023
The plugin is incredible, it gives very good results and the best of all is that it is completely free without any limitations. Good job.
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  • NEW: Dall-E 3 is now fully integrated
  • NEW: Text to image is now available for free at 1024x1024px Dall-E 3
  • Fix: Settings screen did not update the app setting in some cases untill refresh


  • Fix: Warning of undefined function thrown in some edge cases.


  • NEW: AI Image Generator is now integrated in Media Library modal for easier access.
  • Update: Freemius SDK to the latest version
  • Update: OpenAI SDK to the latest version


  • Fix: Resulted images were displaying over image cropper in some cases
  • Fix: Horizontal scroll appeared in some cases


  • Code refactoring and performance increase for some REACT components
  • Now the tools are only available after setting up your API key since you can’t use them anyway without one
  • Added: Translatable strings to some sections
  • Added: Possibility to upgrade to AI Image Generator PRO
  • Changed: Reasulted images menu so now visible only when hovering three dots icon
  • Removed: Legacy Settings Page


  • Added: menu for easy navigation
  • Added: settings page to the main settings page
  • Added: a new onboarding experience for new installs
  • Added: API Key validation – now whenever you put in an unvalid api key you get an error
  • Added: Better error reporting
  • Code refactoring
  • Fix: The selected options resetted to default values after each generation of variations
  • Update: Freemius SDK to the latest version
  • Update: orhanerday/open-ai to 4.7.1


First version of the plugin introduces the first main functionality of the plugin which is generating variations based on a initial image.