BlockWheels provides interactive Gutenberg blocks within the WordPress block editor. Create engaging posts and pages by using a variety of features, including post grids, post blocks, and more. It serves as a flexible page builder, accommodating blocks, patterns, templates, and full-site editing.

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A Quick overview of BlockWheels

What makes BlockWheels special:

  • Access free support whenever you need assistance.
  • Customize your content effortlessly with an intuitive, user-friendly editor.
  • Access your website seamlessly from any browser, ensuring universal compatibility.
  • Experience flawless performance across all devices with mobile-responsive design.
  • Personalize your site effortlessly with customizable options including placement, colors, fonts, and more.
  • Simplify installation with no coding or developer required, making setup a breeze.
  • Stay ahead with stable, regularly updated blocks for consistent performance.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Gutenberg Editor for enhanced functionality.
  • Utilize advanced Gutenberg blocks designed for developers, providing extensive customization options.
  • Achieve real-time customization with seamless interplay among core Gutenberg blocks, ensuring a professional and performance-oriented WordPress experience.

20+ Free & Advanced Blocks and Counting

Design without limits in WordPress block editor, using 20+ of the most useful BlockWheels for Gutenberg.

  • Container – Easily add columns and any blocks either individual or groups of blocks. Customize options to tailor the container as per the requirements.
  • Heading – Organize your content and improve website readability by humans and search engines.
  • Paragraph – Add and edit the text within the block editor using Paragraph Block. Create easy-to-read and well-structured content using a versatile and user-friendly interface.
  • Spacer/Divider – Use the WordPress Spacer block to create appealing space between blocks, making your content more attractive and readable.
  • Template Library – Includes a collection of pre-designed web pages and pattern layouts that are creative and functional.
  • Icons – Creatively showcase contains within box format, complete with icons, titles, descriptions, and any information.
  • Video Box – Compatible with popular video platforms with extensive customization options. Impressively showcase the audio and video content of the choice.
  • Testimonials – Create testimonials and display positive customer comments in various ways to build trust and credibility.
  • Services – Showcase your services professionally with a new block in the Block Editor, creating a stunning service section.
  • Grid Posts – Easily create a post grid layout for displaying posts and thumbnails using the WordPress block editor.
  • Logo Carousel – Showcase a group of logo images in an attractive carousel using an intuitive Shortcode Generator. It’s very user-friendly and convenient to manage.
  • Accordion – Want to display your content interestingly and more easily to browse through? Accordion will allow you to to present the information interactively through click and expand patterns.
  • Google Map – Integrates the Google Maps features and functionalities. Enables display maps, access to location information, generate directions, and other related functionalities.
  • Hero Slider (PRO) – Create a visually impressive EXPERIENCE with the Hero Slider, impressing your site visitors with a memorable first impression.
  • Team Members (PRO) – Easily showcase your team with pictures, positions, bios, and social links using a simple Shortcode.
  • Counters (PRO) – Display statistics in a fun and interesting way to highlight your achievements or company data.
  • Portfolios (PRO) – Display your personal or company portfolio items beautifully. The portfolio plugin includes a widget and a carousel slider with customizable item display settings.
  • Masonry Gallery (PRO) – Add an appealing masonry effect to images in posts, custom posts, and pages with ease.
  • Lottie Animation (PRO) – Customize Lottie animations effortlessly to match your brand identity, staying sharp at any size.
  • List Icons (PRO) – Creatively showcase contents within box format, complete with icons, titles, descriptions, and any information.

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BlockWheels, Copyright (C) 2024, WPWheels
BlockWheels plugin is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


Font Awesome
Copyright Dave Gandy
License: SIL OFL 1.1 –, MIT License –

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License: MIT –

Copyright (c) 2022 Naotoshi Fujita
License: MIT –

Copyright 2014-2022 Vladimir Kharlampidi
License: MIT –

React FontIconPicker
Copyright (c) 2018 Swashata Ghosh
License: MIT –

Gutenberg Custom Template Library
License: GPLv2 or later –

Webfonts Loader
WordPress Themes Team (WPTT)
License: MIT –

Imagens de tela

  • Accordion WordPress Block
  • Section with Services WordPress Block
  • Google Map WordPress Block
  • Client Logo Carousel WordPress Block
  • Grid Post. Perfectly aligns equal heights and columns
  • Section with Counter. Feature to showcase your statistics effectively
  • Icon WordPress Block. Pick icon from 100+ options available
  • Testimonial WordPress Block
  • Pattern Library: Import Pre-built Layouts or Sections


Este plugin disponibiliza 19 blocos.

  • Spacer/Divider Enhance content appeal with WordPress Spacer block for better readability.
  • Template Library Creative, functional pre-designed Patterns and layouts collection.
  • Icons Showcase the content with icons, titles, and descriptions within box format
  • Paragraph Add a Paragraph Block for clear, structured, user-friendly content.
  • Accordions Display content interactively with Accordion for easy browsing.
  • Heading Start with a clear heading for easy content navigation.
  • Grid Posts Easily create post grid layouts in the WordPress block editor.
  • counters Utilize the counter block to highlight your company statics and milestones.
  • Services Create stunning service sections with the new Block Editor block.
  • Testimonials Insert a testimonial or review with the option to add author information.
  • Video Box Impressively showcase selected audio and video content.
  • Google Map Integrate Google Maps for location display, directions, and functionalities.
  • Container Easily add columns and blocks, customize for tailored layouts.
  • Logo Carousel Attractive logo carousel with intuitive Shortcode Generator.
  • Icon Showcase the content with icons, titles, and descriptions within box format
  • Accordion Display content interactively with Accordion for easy browsing.
  • Counter A single counter item within a counters block.
  • Service Create stunning service sections with the new Block Editor block.
  • Testimonial Display diverse testimonials for credibility and trust-building.


  1. Upload the blockwheels folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory or alternatively upload the file via the plugin page of WordPress by clicking ‘Add New’ and selecting the zip from your computer.
  2. Activate the BlockWheels – Your Ultimate Customizable Gutenberg WordPress Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Use BlockWheels blocks on your next page or post.


Is BlockWheels free?

Yes! BlockWheels is 100% free and always will be. Free plans can be limited in views and displaying but you can easily upgrade them. In case you want to get more features or impressions, you may choose one of our pricing plans.

Are your blocks mobile friendly?

Sure! They work perfectly on any device – from desktop to tablet. You can be sure that you’ll provide great user experience.

Are your blocks compatible with my website theme?

Sure! Our tools are compatible with themes and page builders that meet the standard WordPress requirements.


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