Change Administration Email


Having trouble changing or confirming your General Settings Administration Email Address?

A second notice with “Confirm Immediately” is added to update the primary site email without needing to click the confirmation link in the email sent from WordPress.

Submit any support requests to

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  • Click “Confirm Immediately” to immediately change the Administration Email


Upload the plugin’s zip file and activate it.


Why is the minimum php version 8?

Because 7 is deprecated and I wanted to use match().

Why is the minimum WordPress version 6.4?

Because the plugin uses core functions to display notices that were added in version 6.4. If you need support for an older version of WordPress let me know at


27 de Março, 2024
This tool has made my life easier and saves time. I highly recommend developers to check it out. Thanks again!
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*Release Date – 04 April 2024

  • Correct directory location of screenshot images
  • Updated YouTube video link


Release Date – 29 March 2024

  • Correct error in the namespace
  • Add YouTube video to description


  • Initial release of the plugin