Connect to external APIs | Create Custom API in WP


Connect to external APIs | Create Custom API in WP plugin formerly known as Custom API for WP plugin which helps you to create no code custom REST endpoints/ Custom APIs into WordPress directly with an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) to fetch any type of data from any WordPress database tables like users, posts, custom tables or any 3rd-party plugin’s table. You can also use HTTP request methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE (Insert, Update, Delete) data with these created Custom endpoint / Custom REST routes.

This plugin also helps you connect to your external APIs and platforms to fetch the data and display via shortcode or template as per your design (custom HTML, CSS and JS), post data on third-party platforms on any WordPress events (user creation, Woocommerce events, form submission, membership purchase etc) via WordPress hooks.

This plugin has an interactive and simple UI that will allow you to interact with data by creating Custom REST API endpoints. It means you can easily interact with the WordPress database to perform CRUD operations on data using the custom endpoints created (generated) using Connect to external APIs | Custom endpoints for WP.

Connect to external APIs | Custom endpoints for WP takes care of writing the complex SQL queries to fetch/update data and provides you with a very simple User Interface to create or generate custom REST endpoints.
This plugin also provides the filter operations in which you can filter the data you want to show in the API endpoint response.

Connect to external APIs | Custom endpoints for WP also adds a layer of security by providing authentication methods to these custom-generated API endpoints. The authentication methods which are compatible with the plugin are:

You will also be able to control the visibility and customize the metadata attached to the Custom endpoint response. This plugin also eliminates the risk of unauthorized access to these custom endpoints that you created as it only gives access after successful user validation.

Third-party/External API Integration into WordPress

  • This plugin allows you to integrate any external or third-party REST API endpoints into WordPress very easily with the help of our interactive and simple GUI within seconds. With this function of our plugin, you can fetch data to your WordPress (WooCommerce) site or you can use it to fetch data and process it according to your needs.

  • These integrations can also be done on third-party plugin events like form submission using Elementor, Wpforms, Gravityforms etc. and also payment status or subscription status based on transactions done via payment gateways like that provided by WooCommerce, Wpforms, Gravityforms or any other services.

  • External API integrations can be done on any event of WordPress like user registration, user membership level change or any other using plugin hooks.

  • WooCommerce product data can be synced with any external/third-party API provider(Supplier) on a real-time basis with our plugin.

  • This feature also provides the capability to register or login users to third-party platforms by making an API request to the third-party platforms.

  • Data display on front end using shortcode or template tag fetched from external API endpoints.

  • Any kind of external APIs supporting JSON, XML, SOAP, GraphQL can be connected with authentication methods like OAuth, JWT, Bearer, API Key or even custom API authentication.

Use Cases

  • Access custom data of the WordPress site into your mobile application or web clients via custom REST API Endpoints.
  • Create easy Custom REST Routes to Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) WordPress content from client-side JavaScript or external applications.
  • Interact with any standard database schema/ table or your custom-built schema/ table to fetch/ update/ delete data using the custom API endpoints.
  • Connect two WordPress sites or connect your WordPress site with a website built in any framework and Get/Update/Insert/Delete (CRUD) data of one website to another website with the help of Custom API and feasibility of connection with External APIs / Custom Endpoints developed in the external Website.
  • Connect with External Rest API Routes to display data on your website or process the data received from External Endpoint.
  • Integrate External/third-party REST API endpoints with third-party plugin’s payment gateways like that of WooCommerce, Wpformsor any other custom gateway such that the API can be called automatically based on the payment status.
  • Integrate External/ third-party REST API endpoints with custom/ third-party plugins’ forms like that of Wpforms, Elementor, Gravityforms etc such that the external APIs can be called on these forms submission or any related events to perform fetch/update/delete operation based on API endpoints.
  • Sync third-party/external API provider’s (Supplier’s) API Inventory data into WooCommerce and display them in the product feed on a real-time basis. [More detials]
  • Integrate external APIs into WooCommerce – If you have a Woocommerce store and want to update the data like order creation, order status, and user profile update on a third-party platform in real-time, then a solution can be provided using our plugin.
  • Data display using shortcode – Fetch data from external API with security and display that on WordPress front-end pages using the shortcodes with customized design.


WooCommerce Products sync via External API | Import products in WooCommerce using Supplier APIs

  • If you have a WooCommerce store and want to sync (add/update/delete) the products from the external inventory warehouse/ store’s platform via APIs then it can be using the CUSTOM API plugin along with our Woocommerce products sync from external APIs.
  • Following are the key features

    1. Data can be synced automatically after a certain specified period. (For example, every 4 hours a day).
    2. All the product details like SKU, name, description, price, stock status, images, custom attributes and variant productions can be updated along with other custom attributes as well.
    3. Sync can be done in the background such that customers using your WP site are not affected.
    4. Data syncing can also be done by clicking on the sync button manually in the User Interface.
    5. WooCommerce product images can also be added or updated with ease based on external API data.
    6. No extra work to import and export CSV/ TXT files manually. API Integration will do the job automatically.
  • This plugin supports complete integrations for the following –

    1. Sync Amrod catalogue to WooCommerce
    2. Sync S&S Activewear products to WooCommerce
    3. Sync products and orders from Shopify to WooCommerce
    4. Import products from Parts Unlimited to WooCommerce
    5. Import products from Parts Canada to WooCommerce
    6. Import products from Barron to WooCommerce

Google Merchant Center

  • Sync Products between WordPress and Google Merchant Center feed (Integrate WordPress/ WooCommerce Store with Google Merchant Center)

  • If you have a WordPress/ WooCommerce store or third-party dropshipping plugins like Alidropship and want to sync the products between the WordPress site and Google Merchant Center feed feed via APIs then it can be achieved using our solution.

  • Following are key features

    1. Real-time data sync between the WordPress and Google Merchant Centre platforms.
    2. CSV or TXT files import and export are not required. Everything will be handled automatically via REST APIs.
    3. Any attribute like Image, pricing, variations, quantity, stock status, and description can be updated easily.
    4. Solution can be made compatible with WordPress as WooCommerce store, Alidropship store or any third-party plugin which manages the products in WordPress.

Connect multiple WordPress/Woocommerce sites

  • WooCommerce API Product Sync with Multiple WooCommerce Stores.
  • We do provide the solution in which the product data stored in one WooCommerce store can also be synced with other WooCommerce stores using the REST APIs such that the WC stores will be updated on a real-time basis.
  • Sync all the Woocommerce data between multiple stores on updating in any one store in real-time.

Zoho Integration with WordPress

  • If you have a WordPress site and want to connect it to your Zoho applications like Zoho CRM, Zoho connect, Zoho Subscription, Zoho Inventory etc to perform operations like sync real-time data between these platforms, which involves user profile sync, operate on WordPress or assign membership to the user based on his Zoho subscription etc. With this integration, any Zoho APIs and webhooks can be integrated to perform real-time sync.

Sync Advance Custom Fields (ACF) Posts in WordPress using external API data

  • This plugin helps to connect external and third-party APIs to sync the data from external platforms into WordPress Posts and ACF fields.

Google Sheet Integration

  • If you have a WordPress/Woocommerce site and want to connect it to Google Sheets, then our plugin can help you achieve that with our Google Sheets integrator. It provides both ways to sync the data. So, if you update or create any row in the google sheet, then that data will be synced in WordPress and similarly, if you perform any operation or event in WordPress, then that data can be synced as per your need in the Google sheet on a real-time basis.

WordPress Automate using Webhooks

  • This plugin can be made compatible to automate WordPress events with external API and webhook to synchronize data between WordPress and external applications.
    For example – If you have a WordPress/Woocommerce site and want to sync the user data, product data, posts, and membership data with external platforms, inventories and CRM like Zoho, Hubspot etc., then this plugin can be extended with an add-on to achieve this.

These solutions can be used additionally along with the plugin. To know more details, contact us at and let us know your requirements.

Free Version Features

  • Unlimited Custom REST APIs (endpoints) can be created for the HTTP GET method.
  • Name Custom Endpoints/Custom REST routes as per our wish and need.
  • Build custom REST routes for all tables within WordPress.
  • Build custom REST routes for fetching posts and taxonomies.
  • Fetch any type of data available in WordPress via custom REST API endpoints.
  • Full control of Custom REST API responses without writing a single line of PHP code.
  • Fetch operation available with single WHERE condition.
  • Integrate with all types of applications.
  • Create one API connection based on simple and advanced SQL queries on the WordPress database.
  • Create one external API connection for all the standard third-party REST API endpoints to fetch/update between WordPress and 3rd party platforms.

Premium Version Features

  • Create/ Register custom namespaces and routes.
  • Multiple endpoints allowed per REST route.
  • Create (generate) Custom API routes for posts and taxonomy creation, modification, and deletion.
  • Supports all kinds of HTTP Methods (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE).
  • Filters included to alter and extend default functionality .
  • Fetch operation available with multiple custom conditions.
  • Limit the number of responses you get as a result of Custom Endpoints (API).
  • Pass the data in application/JSON or application/x-www-formurlencode for HTTP POST and PUT API endpoints.
  • Complex queries formation with an Advance mechanism.
  • Restrict public access to all Custom REST API Routes with API KEY Authentication method (default) and some other Authentication methods can also be provided as ADD-ON as per requirement like
    1. REST API endpoints authentication using OAuth 2.0
    2. REST API endpoints authentication using JWT Tokens
    3. Basic Authorization with Username and Password
    4. Authentication from external OAuth/OIDC provider’s token for REST API endpoints
  • Create unlimited API endpoints with custom SQL-based query on an easy-to-use GUI without any code.
  • Create one API connection based on simple and advanced SQL queries on the WordPress database.
  • Create one external API connection for all the standard third-party REST API endpoints to fetch/update between WordPress and 3rd party platforms.

Enterprise Version Features

  • All Premium Version Features.
  • Create (generate) unlimited Custom API endpoints with custom SQL Query to create a custom API with your complex SQL query.
  • Connect with External REST API/ External Endpoints, also known as third-party REST API endpoints.
  • External API integration to fetch data in the WordPress, update data on the External API provider side.
  • Supports all kinds of HTTP(GET/POST/PUT/UPDATE) Methods.
  • Supports integration with Custom API / Custom Endpoints of External Website or Platform.
  • Dynamic WordPress hooks for each External API / Endpoint connection to perform operations on external data.
  • Compatibility with Third-Party Plugin Events like WooCommerce, WPForms, Gravityforms, Membership Plugins, etc.
  • Support for calling External / Custom Endpoints on third-party plugin events.
  • Compatibility with third-party plugin’s payment gateways provided by WooCommerce, Wpforms, PayPal, Stripe or any custom payment gateway.
  • Support for connection with Custom API / Custom Endpoints developed in any framework like Java, PHP, NodeJS, .NET, etc.
  • Support of Dynamic headers for the External REST APIs / Custom APIs request
  • Securely access External Endpoints by passing the required authentication parameter either in the Header or Body.
  • _Display data fetched from external API using shortcode as per your styling (custom HTML, CSS and JS).
  • Both JSON and XML response formats are supported.
  • Supports OAuth 2.0 authentication, Basic Authentication, API Key authentication and Bearer token/JWT token API endpoint authentication for External API Integration feature.
  • Supports execution of multiple APIs at once which are interdependent.

Authentication-related information can be sent by any suitable REST client for eg- You can use CURL calls to send HTTP Requests or even any IDE like PHPSTORM or you can go with POSTMAN to send an authentication key.

Type of APIs supported

  • ‘HTTP GET` (This can be used to retrieve data from your WordPress)
  • ‘HTTP POST’ (This can be used to insert data in your WordPress)
  • ‘HTTP PUT’ (This can be used to update data in your WordPress)
  • ‘HTTP DELETE’ (This can be used to delete data in your WordPress)

Type of Data which you can retrieve with Custom Endpoints

  • WP Users and User Meta.
  • WP Roles and Capabilities.
  • WP Posts, Pages and custom post types.
  • WP Options.
  • WP Taxonomy.
  • WooCommerceproducts, WordPress Membership plugins data.
  • Custom data, Custom posts, Custom parameters, Custom fields and many more.
  • Any third-party plugins or custom table data can be fetched/updated using these custom API endpoints.

Imagens de tela

  • List all created APIs
  • Create API UI
  • View API
  • Response to API calls
  • Create REST API using custom SQL


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Custom API for WP. Find and Install the Custom API for WP plugin by miniOrange
  3. Activate the plugin


  1. Download the Custom API for WP plugin
  2. Unzip and upload the custom-api-for-wp directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the miniOrange API plugin from your Plugins page.

Once Activated

  1. Go to the Settings-> Custom API menu
  2. Click on the Create API button
  3. Choose data that you want to retrieve with API and conditions to retrieve data
  4. Save the configuration and your API will be ready to use.


Can I fetch data from an external API endpoint and display it on my WordPress pages?

Yes, the plugin provides a feature to connect to any external endpoint and display the data using the WordPress shortcode or template tag. More details can be found here.

Can this plugin be used to create API for any third-party plugin?

Yes, this plugin can help you perform any Database Operation for any plugin’s table in the WordPress database based on various filters that you want to apply.

Can I write create or generate API endpoints in WordPress using my own complex custom SQL Query?

Yes, the plugin provides this functionality so that any custom endpoints can be created or generated based on your self-defined custom SQL query with any complexity, so SQL query can be used to perform operations even using multiple WP database tables.

How to integrate External/third-party side(Non-WordPress) REST API endpoints into WordPress?

The plugin provides the Graphical User Interface-based feature to integrate or connect to any external API endpoints easily within WordPress and these connections can be used to fetch/update data via these external API endpoints on any WordPress events on a real-time basis.

How to create API endpoints in WordPress

This plugin is exactly meant to do that in which you can easily create any APIs to interact with the WordPress database and perform any operations like GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE within seconds along with security.

How to import/sync products from an external inventory/supplier to my WooCommerce store?

The plugin can be with our other add-on Woocommerce product sync from external API to sync all the products including adding, updating, and deleting products based on what is available on the inventory/supplier’s end.

Can this plugin be connected to Zoho for integration with WordPress?

Yes, the plugin’s Connect to External API feature can be used to connect the Zoho platforms with WordPress and sync data in real-time using developer hooks or on-demand end-to-end integration.


13 de Junho, 2024
Thank you Sharshdeep for your assistance and thoroughness in understanding and addressing our issues to get us unstuck.
28 de Maio, 2024
I have been searching for a good plugin to help me develop an endpoint to GET some data from the website to my Mobile Application. After long process of testing plugins, i found miniOrange Custom API/Endpoint for WP Plugin the perfect solution for me. It is very easy to develop simple and custom data fetches it has the Authentication built in the same package and very stable. Regarding support, i have faced an issue in my code and within 12 hours the issue was resolved and the support team helped me with extra configurations to do in the website to make it more stable. I recommend this plugin for everyone who needs to integrate the wordpress website to any other source.
19 de Março, 2024
Contacting Mini Orange in relation to creating an API link between our current POS system and a new website which uses Wordpress / WooCommerce. Documentation was created to help support the development of the API and how each data point would be provided from our POS system and how that data should be populated into WooCommerce. There were many challenges encountered when getting each data point populated correctly this due to there being 22 data points per product however Sharshdeep from Mini Orange was successfully able to map each data point. We then encountered issues in relation to Web Crons, this was due to the quantity of products being passed from our POS system to WooCommerce and the crons expiring. Mini Orange were able to overcome this issue by putting the products into batches and syncing 200 products at a time. This was a result of there being 30,000 products needing synced and added to WooCommerce. After syncing all the products and ensuring the data was correctly mapped the next challenge was ensuring all order data would be correctly passed back to our POS system. There were several challenges which had to be overcome in relation to the processing of the order data, however Sharshdeep & the team were able to successfully able to map the data being passed back through the API to the POS system to ensure all order data was correctly presented on the POS system. Overall the project ran over schedule however the estimated time line was very ambitious for the complexity of the project. Although the complexity of the project increased as the project continued, Sharshdeep and the team rose to the challenge & ensured all aspects of the original project were completed despite it becoming highly complex. The team were able to provide regular updates via email and were always available to attend Team meetings. This made communication very quick despite there being a significant time difference due to our Geographical locations. I would highly recommend Sharshdeep and the team from Mini Orange each and every problem was resolved with great communication.
23 de Fevereiro, 2024
I spent too much time trying to write my own and this plugin was the ultimate time saving solution. After initial install, support was absolutely incredible and fast to help me with the finalization of setup.
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