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Electroneum Instant Payments for WooCommerce


This is an Electroneum Instant Payments gateway for WooCommerce. It allows you to safely and securely start accepting Electroneum as payment on your WooCommerce-powered store.


  • Displays an Electroneum QR code to the customer on checkout, which can be scanned with the Electroneum app or clicked to begin the payment process (works seamlessly on mobile and desktop).
  • Checks for payment in the background and automatically displays instant payment confirmation to the customer, immediately after payment has been made. No need for the customer to click buttons or refresh pages.
  • Automatically redirects back to the “Thank You” page once payment has been received.
  • The cart is only cleared when payment is received. Customers can therefore come back at a later stage and continue where they left of.
  • Supports multiple payment checking methods, including direct polls and webhooks.
  • Fast and easy setup. Simply install, activate, and provide your unique API key, API secret, and vendor outlet on the plugin Settings page.

Get Involved

Developers are welcome. Please contribute to the source code on the GitHub repository.

Imagens de tela

  • The Electroneum QR code as displayed to the customer on checkout.
  • The success message after payment has been confirmed.
  • Plugin settings page, where you can enter your Electroneum vendor details.


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen by going to Plugins -> Add New, and searching for Electroneum Instant Payments for Woocoomerce. Alternatively, upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory.
  2. Activate the plugin by navigating to Plugins -> Installed Plugins and clicking on Activate below the Electroneum Instant Payments for Woocommerce plugin name.
  3. Visit Electroneum’s user vendor page (requires login) and follow the prompts to enter your details and create a vendor outlet.
  4. For the webhook address, enter replacing with your site’s main URL. This must be in place for payment status to be checked automatically in the backgroud. Note that you must have HTTPS to be enabled for this to work.
  5. On your WordPress dashboard, click on the Electroneum IPS menu item in the left navigation bar. This will take you to the plugin’s settings page in Woocommerce.
  6. Enter your API key, API secret, and vendor outlet ID in the fields provided and save your settings.


Where do I sign up as an Electroneum Vendor?

Navigate to the Electroneum user vendor page and follow the prompts to enter your details and create a vendor outlet.

Where do I get my API credentials?

After signing up as a vendor on Electroneum’s website, your API key and API secret will be displayed on the user vendor page. Your vendor outlet ID will be displayed on the outlets page.

What is an API Webhook?

The API Webhook is a web address that you enter on your Electroneum vendor page, that points to a background page on your website. Electroneum sends payment information to this page every time a customer has made a payment. This enables automatic checking for payment confirmation in the background and streamlines the front-end user experience.

How do I set my API Webhook?

Navigate to the Electroneum user vendor page and insert the following webhook in the appropriate field:

…replacing with your website’s main URL. Note that this URL must start with https://

What is the use of the “I’ve Made the Payment Button”?

Although the payments page will update automatically when a payment is received, the button is left in place for users who don’t have Javascript implemented, and for instances where the web developer has failed to enter the webhook callback URL on Electroneum’s website, or made a typo. Basically, the button serves as a backup for possible technology failures.

When using Safari, the payment page does not update automatically with a successful payment. What’s wrong?

The way in which the Safari browser treats SSL security certificates may cause front-end AJAX Javascript to fail and therefore the payment page won’t display a success message automatically, even though everything else works perfectly. A fix for this is to add the following line to your server’s .htaccess file:

BrowserMatch "Safari" nokeepalive

If you’re using an Nginx server, you can edit your server configuration by adding this code.

Note that customers can still get around this by clicking the “I’ve Made the Payment” button after payment, which should show them a success message.


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Registro de alterações


  • Fix – Replaces URL for QR code generator service following deprecation of Google’s QR code server


  • Fix – Implemented a fix that checks the ETN amount sent before confirmining the transaction


  • Feature – More verbose order notes to inform store owner of payment progress (visible on order page in WordPress dashboard).
  • Fix – Error messages are no longer persistent when saving API keys on settings page
  • Fix – Implemented workaround for servers who don’t allow opening of external files from the web (e.g. file_get_contents)
  • Fix – Implemented workaround for functions not available in older PHP versions
  • Tweak – Checks if native store currency is supported by ETN and shows appropriate errors if not
  • Tweak – Security improvements on the order page
  • Tweak – Style improvements
  • Other – Word order, grammar, and other miscellaneous improvements


  • Fix – Fix path to images


  • Fix – Fix path to Javascript libraries


  • Feature – Automatic checking for payment confirmation in the background
  • Tweak – Improved order flow for better user experience and cart-retention