ELEX WordPress HelpDesk & Customer Ticketing System


ELEX WordPress HelpDesk & Customer Ticketing System offers top-notch features for the best customer support experience. With this plugin, receive all your customer queries, issues, and suggestions in the form of tickets.
The plugin is boosted with unlimited tickets, unlimited agents and has features like supervisor profiles, email piping, auto-tagging tickets, auto-assigning tickets, custom ticket submission form, email filtering, email blocking, triggers & automation, quick reply templates, agents’ satisfaction rating and customer feedback and much more!
Unlike other SaaS-based plugins, ELEX WordPress HelpDesk Plugin does not store your data in the cloud. Rather, all your data is stored on your system, making it one of the best WordPress support desk plugin in the market. Data privacy is one less thing to worry about with ELEX WordPress HelpDesk Plugin!


  • Unlimited Tickets & Agents
  • Simple & Intuitive Interface
  • Custom Ticket Views
  • Essential Triggers & Automation
  • Email Piping
  • Canned Responses & Rich Text
  • Detailed Visual Reports
  • Backup & Restore
  • Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Integration
  • Pay For Support Integration – Accept Payment for the Support Services
  • Agent Signatures using Addons
  • Send SMS Notifications using Addons
  • Seamlessly integrated to WooCommerce
  • Lots of customisation options

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[Premium] Fully Managed WSDesk – ELEX WordPress Help Desk & Customer Support Ticketing Plugin

For complete list of latest features and details, please visit WSDesk – ELEX WordPress Help Desk & Customer Support Ticketing Plugin Product page.

  • Agent Satisfaction Score.
  • OpenAI ChatGPT Integration for Auto-Generated Replies.
  • WooCommerce Integration. Show total number of orders, Order number, Total purchase price, etc on the ticket details.
  • Multiple Triggers & Automations.
  • Auto-Tagging And Assigning.
  • Archive Tickets
  • Agent Notifications
  • Automated Emails.
  • Convert your unread emails to tickets using Outlook Oauth.
  • Send SMS Notifications to the Customers.
  • WSChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin Integration.
  • Google Chat Integration.
  • Import Zendesk Tickets.
  • Knowledge Base Integration.
  • Accept Payment for Support & Convert to Credits using Pay for Suppoer AddOn.
  • Timely compatibility updates and bug fixes.
  • Premium Support!

Why choose ELEX WordPress HelpDesk Plugin?

Offering excellent customer support is critical for the success of any organization. ELEX WordPress HelpDesk Plugin has been designed keeping into consideration every issue we have faced in the process of finding the right support system for our website. Apart from being very easy to use, this plugin offers all the essential features required for a helpdesk system. It is light and AJAX-based, thus it won’t interfere with your website’s loading speed.

What is a Help Desk or Support Ticket System?

In customer service parlance, a ticketing system or support ticket system is a software that takes all incoming customer support requests, creates a unique customer service ticket and then routes it through a defined customer support process based on the SLA.

People call it different names such as Support Ticket System, Customer Support System, Service Desk, Support Ticketing System, IT help desk or Support Desk Software. But ultimately, a help desk software typically allows the support team to manage, track, sort, and search for issues (user queries) making ticket management much easier for the agent to help the customer more quickly solve the issue to their satisfaction.

Why you need a support ticket system to handle customer support?

Better customer experience starts with better help desk software. It can turn support tickets into amazing customer experiences. The helpdesk system enables support agents to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets. A great help desk is at the heart of great customer support.

Help desk software helps streamline customer support with time-saving tools like triggers and automation. It’s intuitive and easy to use because it’s built with both customers and support desk agents in mind. A help desk’s shared inbox enables the support team to collaborate and resolve issues without worrying about overlapping or missing support requests. Every request sent to the support email becomes a ticket in the helpdesk. Support tickets can be easily categorized and prioritized and then assigned to the right people in the support team.

Issues such as multiple agents responding to the same ticket or missing some of the tickets are taken care of as each support agent can see who is working on what ticket and it’s status. It time to get started with a customer support ticket system if you already don’t have one.

Benefits of open-source helpdesk software

An open-source help desk allows developers to access its source code, as opposed to proprietary software. So, an open-source helpdesk can be modified or enhanced beyond the level of simple integration and adding plugins. Developers can add features or modify processes or fix bugs in the system.

ELEX WordPress Helpdesk plugin is an open-source support ticketing system that works with WordPress and WooCommerce. This is the best helpdesk software available for WordPress/WooCommerce platform if the usability and customer support are considered.

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  • Backup and Restore
  • Canned Responses & Rich Text
  • Custom Ticket Views
  • Attachment Support
  • Detailed Visual Reports
  • Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Integration
  • Email Filtering and Blocking
  • Email Piping
  • Essential Triggers & Automation
  • Simple & Intuitive Interface
  • Unlimited Tickets & Agents
  • WooCommerce Integration


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s it! you can now configure the plugin.


1.What if I face issues with the plugin? Do you provide support for free products?
If you are facing any issues, please create a topic at plugin support section on wordpress org. Our team will respond back soon.


21 de Maio, 2024
I am using the plugin for the last 2 weeks on 2 of my sites, and it works very well, and it is very easy to use and manage the tickets. Also, the support was very good when I had a question. So overall I think it is a very good plugin that definitely worth to try.
28 de Setembro, 2023
The plugin works great , i ‘ve just a little problem with backend tickets visualization but i’m sure is solvable. It has a lot of free feature for a powerful ticket assistance for your store or website. Keep going!
28 de Agosto, 2023 1 reply
Out of the box it gives lots of PHP errors. Example: Warning: array_map(): Expected parameter 2 to be an array, bool given in wp-content\plugins\elex-helpdesk-customer-support-ticket-system\views\tickets\crm_tickets_v2_all.php on line 142
25 de Maio, 2023
ELEX WordPress HelpDesk & Customer Ticketing System – WSDesk is a best solution For helpDesx Although it is better to add some new features here, hopefully the developer will bring more new features in the future. But not to mention the customer support here, it is excellent in one word, they try to do all the solutions in a very quick time and they are very sincere.
16 de Agosto, 2022
WSdesk is a nice solution for a straight forward Ticketing System. It has most of the bells and whistles of other top ticketing systems i have looked at (email piping, flexible Form with Gravity interface, custom fields, CSV reporting, triggering options etc.). It is quite conveniently flexible and configurable. I chose Wsdesk because their support was better than the other ticket system I was considering. They say 24-hour turnaround, but most times, it’s less than 8 hours (probably depends on your location). And they will stick with it until it’s solved or answered reasonably – trust. Also they have a lot of experience in other applications (e.g. catalogue). Not just a one-hit wonder. You need to get the Premium version to get email/ticket support. I turned it on and most of it happily worked out of the box. But with these more sophisticated plugins, the premium support is worth the trouble of trying to hook everything up yourself. By the way, their documentation is quite good. Better than the other. The Premium version is reasonably priced for small and med businesses. It’s a good 5-star product (and comopany) to check out.
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  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.5


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.4


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.3
  • Made compatible with PHP 8.2
  • An option to refresh a ticket inside a ticket page
  • Fixed an issue with the multiple attachments
  • Fixed an issue with fetching custom fields data through a third-party API


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.2


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.1.1


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.1


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.0
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug Fixes


  • CodeSniffer changes made
  • CSS/JS files minified to speed up


  • PHP 7.1.8 compatibility issues and Bug fixes


  • Code optimization and performance improvement
  • Optimized Reports
  • An option to include Username for authentication under IMAP settings
  • An option to view the Support Form and the Tickets on the My Accounts page
  • Made compatible with WordPress 5.9


  • Updated Content.


  • Tested with WordPress 5.7.1


  • Fixed known issues.


  • Initial Push.