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Fancify Core


Fancify is an advanced realestate theme which provides all you need in order to build you real estate website. Native elementor Widgets will able you to build your website as you wish.

This is an ideal solution for real estate agents, real estate brokers, builders, woodworkers, rentals services, Land, Residential, Commercial, Development, Sales and marketing vacation rentals, Affordable Housing, Amenities, Condo/Condominium: Conventional Housing, Escrow Account contractors, inventors, Brokerage, Property management, interior designers, directory, google maps, homes, Built-in IDX, architects, plumbers, painters, general all people involved in building construction business websites.
It can be used for multiple businesses such as education, property inclusion, solar power plants, wind energy, listing, modern, rent, industrial, real estate agent, realtor agency maintenance, invoices, accountants, build market, agent management, accommodation, booking, geolocation, google maps, agents, consultants, food, personal, holiday, portfolio, entertainment, repair, renovation, roofing business, construction landing page, plumbing business, real estate listing etc.
This theme severely follows web design standards. It offers a dynamic customizer with multiple theme options.
All website is highly responsive in majority of devices including mobile, tablet, desktop and retina screens and it is also cross-browser compatible. It has secure and clean codes that are in accordance with WordPress web standards. To match the style of your business, it offers eye-catching buttons, beautiful images, sliders, banners, custom menu, footer widgets contact form, and a lot more under the hood. With social media integration, it powers your online presence. Its SEO friendly which mean you will be on top of search results.
Reap the benefits of this free, flexible, and robust WordPress theme now! It supports most languages such as GERMAN, SPANISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN, RUSSIAN, CHINESE, and TURKISH.

Key Features build on elementor :

  • Property Listing
  • Property Listing ( fully customize able filters such as kind of property, listing type, property type, Min or Max Price, Location, Order By, Order and etc )
  • Property Listing Carousel ( many premade sliders to show your desired properties, all filters above are present here as well )
  • Property Listing By Location ( Build a Gallery of Locations you have properties in )
  • Recent Property Listing ( To always show latest properties on sidebar or any other places you want
  • Property Listing Search ( All fields can be selected dynamically and and you can choose them to be select, input, slider or checkbox)
  • Agent List To show list of your agents
  • Agent Carousel list
  • Single Property Listing ( Property Profile built via elementor gives you all flexibility you need )
  • Footer Builder
  • Header Builder

Brief on what we have in term of Elementor Widgets :

  • Title Builder
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Property Listing
  • Agent & Agency Carousel ( Agency is a Pro feature )
  • Icon Box
  • Button
  • Carousel Property Listing
  • Mail Chimp
  • Recent Posts
  • Listing Search
  • Agent List & Grid
  • Property by Location
  • Icon box Carousel
  • Recent Property
  • Compare ( Pro )
  • Google Map
  • Contact Form 7
  • Recent Agent/Agency ( Partially Pro )
  • Agency List & Grid (Pro)
  • Dashboard ( Pro )
  • Pricing Package

Single Property Elementor Widgets:

  • Listing Contact
  • Price Unit Switcher
  • Property Image Slider
  • Description
  • QR Code
  • Property Title
  • Social Link
  • Compare Button
  • Favorite Button
  • Print Button
  • Details ( Fully Dynamic to select desired property details to be shown )
  • Energy Tag
  • Walk Score
  • Attachment
  • Video
  • Google Map
  • Agent Info
  • Similar Properties
  • Agency Contact
  • Floor Plan
  • Virtual Tour
  • Yelp
  • Review
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Next & Prev Property

Single Agent Widgets:

  • Agent Images ( Cover and profile image )
  • Agent info
  • Socials
  • Agent Details
  • Button
  • About Agent
  • Contact
  • Agent Property Listings
  • Review

Single Agency Widgets ( Pro );

  • Agency Images ( Cover and Logo Image )
  • Title Info
  • Details Info
  • Description
  • Contact
  • Socials
  • Statistics
  • Button
  • Agency Property Listings
  • Agency Agents list
  • Review

For more info about demos and features visit our landing website ( )


Automatic installation (easiest way)

log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Fancify Core” and click Search Plugins. Once you have found it you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Download
  2. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  3. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  4. Select from your computer
  5. Click ‘Install Now’
  6. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the fancify-core directory to your computer
  3. Upload the fancify-core directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin.


You can use automatic update to update the plugin safely.

Minimum Requirements

  1. WordPress 5.0 or greater
  2. PHP version 7.0 or greater
  3. MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Bundled resources

Fancify bundles the following third-party resources:
* Advanced Custom Fields ©, GPLv2 or later
* Kirki © 2014-2019 Ari Stathopoulos,, MIT
* TGM-Plugin-Activation, © Thomas Griffin & Gary Jones & Juliette Reinders Folmer GNU GPL v2 or later
* WordPress Importer GPL version 2 or later
* Featherlight MIT License
* Swiper © 2014-2018 Vladimir Kharlampidi, MIT and GPL
* lozad.js – v1.16.0 – 2020-09-10 *, MIT
lineicons in views/assets/icon/fonticon licensed under: CC BY-SA 4.0
linea Iconset in views/assets/icon/fonticon licensed under: CC BY-SA 4.0
All Svg in widgets in views/assets/icon/svg are created by SplendorStudio and licensed under GPLv2
Themify Icons font licensed under: Source:
agency_placeholder.jpg, post-noimage.jpg, male.jpg images are created by SplendorStudio and licensed under GPLv2
cover.png images are created by
All images and svg in views/assets/admin/img/containers **/layouts **/headers are created by SplendorStudio and licensed under GPLv2
views/assets/admin/img/elementor.png licensed under GPLv2
views/assets/admin/img/contact-form7.png licensed under GPLv2
views/assets/admin/img/wpl-free.png licensed under GPLv2
and all other images in views/assets/admin/img/ are created by SplendorStudio and licensed under GPLv2


17 de Fevereiro, 2023
BEWARE If you are thinking of using anything to do with Fancify or Splendor Studio their parent brand… JUST DON’T!!! I paid for Fancify PRO version and NOTHING works and NOBODY CARES! License key provided with PRO version is completely useless – user account on developers website keeps giving errors when trying to activate license key and the theme’s wordpress dashboard also refuses to register the license key repeatedly giving error message that cannot reach the developer’s API and to try again later, and try again later, and try again later, and… I am done trying later Developer’s own website is now also not functioning properly and full of bugs and plenty URLs landing on 504 Gateway Time-Out error messages No replies to repeated requests for support for days now This “Fancify Core” and everything Fancify just took my money – thats the only thing working around here STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE – DO NOT FANCIFY ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!
27 de Outubro, 2021
Getting a decent and dynamic real estate theme up and running thus far was always a challenge, however Fancify accomplished the feat with flying colors and the integration of WPL is an absolute beauty. Looking forward to them adding more functions and features goign forward.
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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

“Fancify Core” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações


  • [UPDATED]: ACF to latest version
  • [FIXED]: Loading acf plugin address
  • [FIXED]: Svg Ids & Last name issue
  • [FIXED]: Print widget in single with php8
  • [FIXED]: Some minor issues


  • [OPTIMIZED]: JS es2015 Support
  • [OPTIMIZED]: Functions and clean coding
  • [OPTIMIZED]: CSS & JS Standards
  • [OPTIMIZED]: Content template elementor widgets
  • [OPTIMIZED]: Redundant js for Recent Properties
  • [FIXED]: Importer parserer with php8
  • [FIXED]: Default Widget Styles & Update Plugin Packages
  • [FIXED]: Escape and sanitize
  • [FIXED]: Migrated some query sql to pro tools
  • [FIXED]: Image url issues and count property single
  • [FIXED]: Search field mistakes, agent link in single property in case of unset
  • [FIXED]: Recent property lisitng type price postfix
  • [FIXED]: Recent post date issue
  • [FIXED]: Similar properties issue
  • [FIXED]: Error Messages Style
  • [FIXED]: Image url and sweeper url issue
  • [FIXED]: Property found message place


  • [ADDED]: Documentation Links to Widgets
  • [ADDED]: Upgrade kirki and acf to latest version
  • [FIXED]: Social Styles On Hover
  • [FIXED]: Agency Contact fix style
  • [FIXED]: Avoid image crop when source is external
  • [FIXED]: Header signin register action issue
  • [FIXED]: Listing link for agent
  • [FIXED]: Correct listed link to the agent list
  • [FIXED]: Option transparent header, FIXED: single property agent view my listing link
  • [FIXED]: Single property agent view listing link
  • [FIXED]: Minor issues


  • [FIXED]: Lite version plugin installation


  • [FIXED]: Admin dashboard and widget style issues
  • [FIXED]: PHP 7.2.20 compability


  • [ADDED]: Postfix price
  • [ADDED]: Warning message if you dont have listing while you want to use template builder
  • [ADDED]: Linea Iconset font icons
  • [Optimized]: Demo importer
  • [FIXED]: Style Issues caused by link underline
  • [FIXED]: Iconbox Options & Sticky-compare Styles
  • [FIXED]: Header SIze & many other minor issues
  • [FIXED]: iconbox carousel Arrow Style
  • [FIXED]: Contact Form Styles
  • [FIXED]: Responsive issues & Default demo
  • [FIXED]: Transitions and Menu Style
  • [FIXED]: Search Form Styles
  • [FIXED]: Search Form Checkbox Style
  • [FIXED]: Carousel Property Widget – Type 6 – Fix Styles
  • [FIXED]: Sticky Compare & Property Listing issue
  • [FIXED]: Property Listing Paddings
  • [FIXED]: Carousel List Animations
  • [FIXED]: Agent Agency Carousel Css
  • [FIXED]: Carousel Property type 7 styles
  • [FIXED]: Pricing Package
  • [FIXED]: Recent Blog Styles
  • [FIXED]: Property Listing Property Width Size
  • [FIXED]: Property Listing Style
  • [FIXED]: Carousel Property Listing Style type 7
  • [FIXED]: Orderby filter in carousel and recent property widget
  • [FIXED]: Agenncy/Agent contact js issue
  • [FIXED]: Preloader
  • [FIXED]: Listing search
  • [FIXED]: Image editor issue with php8
  • [FIXED]: Property attachments to prevent loading if its empty
  • [FIXED]: Location cities masonry link
  • [FIXED]: Date for carousel property listing


  • [ADDED]: query filter for carousel widget
  • [ADDED]: social to carousel type 5
  • [ADDED]: compare widget
  • [ADDED]: property listing share and favorite button
  • [ADDED]: Recent property widget share and compare feature
  • [ADDED]: Min Height Option In AgentAgencyCarousel Widget
  • [ADDED]: Initial Info Message In Listing Search Widget
  • [ADDED]: Add Proper Message When No Widget Chosen in Listing Search Widget
  • [ADDED]: Style Options on Azure Propery Carousel In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [ADDED]: Style Options for all styles In Recent Property
  • [Optimized]: carousel widgets data
  • [Optimized]: property listing data
  • [Optimized]: recent property widget
  • [FIXED]: Style static issues
  • [FIXED]: Display Tags Option in General Property Listing widget
  • [FIXED]: Display Date Option in General Property Listing widget
  • [FIXED]: Header Style Options condition in General Property Listing widget
  • [FIXED]: Author image size option in General Property Listing widget
  • [FIXED]: Initial Icon Set In IconBox Widget
  • [FIXED]: Style Options In IconBox Widget
  • [FIXED]: Switch Shape Functionality In Button Widget
  • [FIXED]: Shape Background Style Options In Button Widget
  • [FIXED]: Hover Navigation Arrows Style In Carousel Property List Broker Lite Style
  • [FIXED]: Label Color Style on Hover In Mail Chimp Widget
  • [FIXED]: Style Options In Recent Post Widget
  • [FIXED]: Conditions on Options In Recent Post Widget
  • [FIXED]: Style Reset/Submit Options In Listing Search Widget
  • [FIXED]: Style Options In Agent Grid/list view
  • [FIXED]: Options Conditions In Properties By Location
  • [FIXED]: Initial Icon Select In IconBox Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Box Hover Background option In IconBox Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Icon Hover Color option In IconBox Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Layout Size In Customizer
  • [FIXED]: Style issues In AgentAgencyCarousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Display Author Style 2 In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Fix Style Issues In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Features label/Icon color In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Features typo In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Author lable Color and Typography In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Address Typography – Default Demo Style In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Features Typography – Default Demo Style In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Options – 7 Style In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Author Display – Azure Style In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Nested Swiper issue – Azure Style In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Hide Slider Arrow at End In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Border issue for Author display on Azure Propery Carousel In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: unify Display Settings In Propery Listing Carousel Widget
  • [FIXED]: Options and Styles In Agent List
  • [FIXED]: Styles In Single Property – Listing Contact
  • [FIXED]: Styles In Single Property – Property Title
  • [FIXED]: Styles In Agent Profile – Agent Info Widget
  • [FIXED]: Labels & Tab Oreder – Agent Details Widget
  • [FIXED]: Styles and Options – Agent Button Widget
  • [FIXED]: Styles and Options – Agent Contact Widget
  • [FIXED]: Styles and Options – Agent Review Widget
  • [FIXED]: Styles – Agency Title Review Widget
  • [FIXED]: Options – Agency Details Review Widget
  • [FIXED]: Options & Styles – Agency Button Widget
  • [FIXED]: Options & Styles – Agency Agent List Widget
  • [FIXED]: Options & Styles – Agency Review List Widget
  • [FIXED]: Compare icon issues & Styles – Agent Property Lisiting Widget
  • [FIXED]: Options & Styles – Agent Property Lisiting Widget
  • [FIXED]: Options & Styles – Agency Property Lisiting Widget
  • [REMOVE]: carousel_loop Option from General Property Listing Widgets


  • Initial version.