Supported payment methods include Visa and MasterCard bank cards payments via Cloudpayments, Yandex.Kassa, PayPal, Chronopay, QIWI Kassa, ROBOKASSA and RBK Money systems, mobile and SMS payments via MIXPLAT, also WebMoney. You can also use a traditional bank payment orders.

This plugin developed and supported by Teplitsa of social technologies.

The plugin’s task is to ease and improve integrations of donations collecting function on websites of NGOs and any social oriented projects.

  • Plugin is very easy to install, and it requires only a minimum of settings.
  • You can start to collect donations right after plugin setup.
  • Many important settings are setted automatically.

The plugin is designed for any website that wants to collect money online – NGOs, informal unions, individuals.

Official website:

Warning: you will need to sign a contract with some payment systems, like Yandex.Money or RBK, to collect donations through them.

Core features

  • Wide range of payment systems and options
  • Suitable for private persons and NGOs
  • Automatic e-mails to supporters
  • User accounts that help donors to manage recurring donations
  • Payment history and statistics on the website
  • Integration with Google Analytics out of the box
  • Campaign templates and visualization of the progress bars
  • Template color customization
  • Widgets and shortcodes for WP
  • Legally correct templates for personal data usage agreement and oferta text
  • Multiple language support
  • Partially complies with accessibility standards WCAG 2.0

The plugin manual is avaliable at official website. Intallation and usage are illustrated with screencasts course.

PHP at least 7.2.5 is required for plugin to work correctly.

Help the project

We will be very grateful if you will help us to make Leyka better.

  • You can add a bugreport or a feature request on GitHub.
  • Send us your pull request to share a code impovement.
  • You can make a new plugin translation for your language or send us a fixes for an existing translation, if needed.

If you have a questions for the plugin work in any aspect, please address our support service on GitHub.

Imagens de tela

  • “Campaign card” widget example
  • Donations form example
  • Donors list page example
  • Recurring subscriptions list page example
  • The plugin start page (a console)


Este plugin disponibiliza 4 blocos.

  • Collecting donations
  • Campaign Card
  • Campaigns Cards
  • Leyka Test


The plugin manual is avaliable at official website. Intallation and usage are illustrated with screencasts:

PHP version required: 7.2.5+


FAQ section can be found at the plugin website. Also, you can address our development and support team by creating a project issue n Github.

For technical support questions, please, use the plugin support email or the official Telegram chat.


11 de Setembro, 2023
Hello Friends. It is possible with this donation plugin split the donation into a different percentages, for example X% for the web developers (+ hosting, domain, etc) and another percentage for the final client or foundation. Like multiple vendors but with donations. Every new income will split into 2 or 3 different percentages and deposit into different paypal or bank accounts? Thanks.
14 de Dezembro, 2022
В нашем БФ пользуемся плагином с 2018 года. За это время не было никаких проблем. Мало того еще и новыми функциями обрастает. Отдельно хочу отметить уровень поддержки – для бесплатного плагина просто супер! Спасибо команде Теплицы)
13 de Dezembro, 2022
Добротный плагин с множеством настроек. То что нужно.
17 de Novembro, 2022
Спасибо за ваш сервис! Вы лучшие!
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“Leyka” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


“Leyka” foi traduzido para 3 localidades. Obrigado aos tradutores por suas contribuições.

Traduzir “Leyka” para o seu idioma.

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Registro de alterações


  • Add: MIXPLAT Wizard
  • Improve: Plugin security


  • Add: New payment system Dolyame
  • Improve: Escaping


  • Fix: Broken Access Control vulnerability


  • Improve: Payselection code


  • Add: Support GA4
  • Add: New payment system Payselection
  • Update: Sber Gateway
  • Improve: CSS and sourceMap


  • Improve PHPCS Security
  • Update: MIR Pay method added


  • Fix: Recurring subscriptions filtering bug
  • Fix: Fields are missing in the create campaign Wizard.
  • Update: Unisender donator name to uppercase


  • Fix: Template Star attr error.


  • Security: Variables and options escaped when echo’d.


  • Security: Fix cross-site scripting vulnerability for terms_text.


  • Fix: the important Google Analytics direct connection bug fixed (“Guzzle bug”).
  • Fix: one recently found vulnerability fixed.
  • Fix: now CloudPayments correctly redirects to the success|faulure page after the Tinkoff Pay payment.


  • Fix: one recently found vulnerability fixed.
  • Fix: the CP recurring subscriptions import procedure fixed.
  • Fix: different fixes.


  • Fix: different fixes.


  • New: now YooKassa accepts SBP via “smart payment” payment method.
  • New: expanded payment descriptions added for Mixplat.
  • New: UTM parameters support added for Mixplat.
  • New: SBP recurring mode feature added for Mixplat.
  • New: split payments between two campaigns feature added for Mixplat.
  • New: the switch between redirect and payment widget feature added for Mixplat.
  • Fix: the compatibility bug on WP core ver. lesser than 5.5.0 fixed.
  • Fix: the bug of duplication of campaign data in nested posts fixed.
  • Fix: the bug of Terms of service & PD usage when displayed on the custom page fixed.
  • Fix: the “get_page_by_title() function is deprecated” in WP 6.2 bug fixed.
  • Fix: the XSS vulnerability from the recent WordFence report fixed.
  • Fix: the CSRF vulnerability from the recent WordFence report fixed.
  • Fix: the bug of eng. date format used sometime fixed.
  • Fix: new mts icon for Mixplat.
  • Fix: Qiwi payments fixed – now callbacks are handled correctly.
  • Fix: fix for the manual donor’s email sending not working.
  • Fix: now manual donor email notifications are sent in accordance with donation status (if donation is failed, then error notification is sent: otherwise, success email is sent).
  • Fix: the Person default terms of service text fixed.
  • Removed: YooKassa Wizard tmp. removed (it’s outdated).


  • Fix: Daily Rouble mode is now working correctly (only with main currency).
  • Fix: Merchandise + Multicurrency bug fixed.
  • Fix: Donor details admin page bug fixed.
  • Fix: “Do not display” checkbox for the Need Help template bug fixed.
  • Fix: now finished Campaigns’ recurring auto-payments change their status correctly.
  • Fix: Payment Methods swiper in the cases when non-main currency is selected – fixed.
  • Fix: Multi-currency + Campaign total funded amount recalculation fixed.
  • Fix: incorrect amount of the [leyka_amount_collected] shortcode in cases of many Donations currencies fixed.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • Fix: YooKassa compatibility fix for WP 6.1.
  • Fix: Demirbank notices bug fixed.
  • Fix: the custom admin info pages access error bug fixed.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: Muli-currencies system added.
  • New: CloudPayments – subscriptions import support feature added.
  • Fix: DemirBank gateway support.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: SBP system for Mixplat added.
  • New: cryptocurrencies support added.
  • New: return page option for Yookassa gateway added.
  • Fix: recurrents health module subscriptions status update fixed.
  • Fix: donation hooks now work correctly.
  • Fix: admin donations list filters fix.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: new Recurring Health engine (v.1b) is added.
  • New: now Additional fields placeholders can be used in the Donations notifications emails.
  • New: Redis & other object caching systems compatibility mode added for post-based Donations storage.
  • Fix: YooMoney for Physical persons Gateway behavior fixed.
  • Fix: Liqpay – fixes.
  • Fix: “sticky posts” incompatibility bug fixed.
  • Fix: the rare str_contains() error fixed.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: Campaigns categories feature added.
  • Fix: small Donations handling fixes.
  • Fix: conflicts with Mihdan plugins are fixed.


  • New: now Donations errors full info & recommendations to fix them are displayed completely. YooKassa & CloudPayments gateways errors are added like this.
  • New: the new parameter value added for the “leyka_donations_list” shortcode. Now Donors’ names may be optionally masked.
  • New: new filtering option added for Leyka_Donations::get() methods.
  • New: small functional additions & changes in the Donations’ admin list table.
  • New: now Donor’s name & additional fields values are passed to CP via payment widget fields.
  • Fix: Additional fields values missing in Donation export results is now fixed.
  • Fix: the rare bug when init recurring Donations’ Donor thanking emails were sent without Donor account link – is fixed.
  • Fix: Donor total funded amount count bug on a new Donation fixed.
  • Fix: Liqpay callbacks responses fixed.
  • Fix: recurring subscription cancelling via link from non-init recurring Donations fixed.
  • Fix: rebills date bug fixed.
  • Fix: the “Need Help” form template behavior for smaller containers is greatly improved.
  • Fix: small fixes.
    ~ Tweak: Recurring subscriptions – funded rebills number cache added.
    ~ Tweak: Recurring subscriptions – funded rebills number cache added.
    ~ Tweak: small optimizations.


  • New: now Leyka is fully PHP 8.* compatible.
  • New: Dashboard admin page is updated.
  • New: cosmetic usability additions to the Donor’s Account page.
  • New: new filter added for Donations archive page slug.
  • Fix: the critical Polylang compatibility bug fixed.
  • Fix: the case of very long value of Campaign “payment title” field on YooKassa rebills fixed.
  • Fix: the Gateways settings page warning on new installations fixed.
  • Fix: the important amounts’ error on new installations fixed.
  • Fix: the Donations’ management page filter fixed.
  • Fix: the rare case when YooKassa SDK class is included in some other plugin or an active theme fixed.
  • Fix: Donation forms fix for flexible amount mode.
  • Fix: the potential error on donors’ emails sending fixed.
  • Fix: Donation form payment methods icons are fixed.
    ~ Tweak: small optimizations.


  • New: Donations amounts descriptions function added.
  • New: plugin branding form signatures added.
  • New: the cronjob setup info added for all active recurring oriented Gateways.
  • Fix: Unisender Extension bug fixed.
  • Fix: YooKassa payment tryout step won’t get stuck now.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • Fix: important fix for donation forms markup break.
  • Fix: changed/renewed donor’s data handling for the CP gateway.


  • New: now there’s an option to allow turning off all nonce checks on public requests handling.
  • New: the Dashboard banner changed.
  • New: now Payment settings admin page has Gateways list sorted.
  • Fix: now each CP rebill callback handler automatically fixes the inactive subscription bug for its respective CP subscription.
  • Fix: now placeholders in the Terms pages content are properly auto-replaced.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: Kyrgyzstan country support & DemiBank gateway added.
  • New: Merchandise/Rewards extension v.2 added.
  • New: Donations API improved.
  • New: new “Subscription Rebills/Donations list” metabox added for recurring subsctiption Donation info pages.
  • New: new Campaign setting added – “display Donations form before/after the content on Campaign page”.
  • New: Campaign settings page UI – new additions/improvements.
  • New: Campaign cards blocks for Gutenberg added.
  • Fix: important fix for Polylang incompatibility since v.3.21.
  • Fix: failure widget displaying irrelevant of template option value fixed.
  • Fix: Small CSS fixes.
    ~ Tweak: Donation export refactored for better compatibility with MacOS Excel, Google Sheets & other platforms/software.
  • Removed: Quittance user manual link removed from the gateway settings page.
  • Removed: Extension deletion links are removed.


  • New: now admins’ & donors’ email notifications about failed donations may be turned off.
  • New: the campaign total funded amount recalculation feature returned.
  • New: Unisender extension improvements.
  • Fix: Chronopay gateway donations error fixed.
  • Fix: double notifications bug fixed.
  • Fix: small fixes.

  • Fix: recurring subscriptions.
  • Fix: different bugfixes.


  • New: Unisender mailout service integration added as an extension.
  • Fix: different bugfixes.

  • Fix: the bug of check callbacks for CP gateway recurring subscriptions fixed.
  • Fix: critical fix for all plugin updates code.
  • Fix: small fixes.

  • Fix: the bug of active recurring subscriptions that rebilled everyday fixed.
  • Fix: the fatal error for non-existent donations admin pages fixed.
  • Fix: the bug of fatal error when donation status is changed on a donation details page fixed.
  • Fix: RBK callbacks helper error is fixed.
  • Fix: Donor accounts login page bug fixed.
  • Fix: the double success emails for YooKassa fixed.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: Core architecture features added for separated donations storage.
  • New: Donations, recurring subscriptions & donors admin UI greatly improved.
  • New: Stripe gateway support added.
  • New: Donations rewards/merchandise extension added.
  • New: Donors’s account column is added to the GDS-prepared data table in the GDS extension.
  • Fix: The important bugfix for donor’s account registration & login pages.
  • Fix: Lots and lots of smaller bugfixes.
    ~ Tweak: Lots and lots of refactorings & improvements, both in frontend & backend.


  • New: Google Data Studio integration extension added.
  • Fix: success emails added for Qiwi gateway.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: now Extensions settings don’t block the main settings areas menu.
  • Fix: now YooKassa payment descriptions are forcibly trimmed if they are longer than 128 chars.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: the Additional fields feature added.
  • New: Robokassa recurring support added.
  • Fix: Tinkoff gateway – fix for recurring rebills.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: Tinkoff gateway added.
  • New: additional payment metadata pass to the YooKassa on donation.
  • New: new recurring Donation purpose automatically changes to “Charity donation” constant string if it’s Campaign is finished.
  • New: now Sber Acquiring pass payment description on donation.
  • New: now YooKassa gateway handles “canceled” payment status.
  • New: now there are links to Donations details pages in Donations list metabox on the Donor details page.
  • Change: the main Dashboard banner changed (to the “please grade the plugin” one).
  • Fix: Yandex.Money PM label renamed to “YooMoney” on the plugin update to v.3.15+.
  • Fix: Engagement Banner extension – now excluding posts/pages by ID works correctly for all post types.
  • Fix: Now correctional Donations don’t validate a Donor’s name field at all. So, any symbols allowed there.
  • Fix: Small fixes: l10n, CSS & others.
  • Fix for Donors admin list filtering on “single” Donor type.


  • New: admin menu refactored (shortened).
  • New: now Star template text styles are irrelevant of current website theme.
  • New: Sber callbacks for recurring transaction errors handling improved.
  • New: now Donor’s reason to cancel a recurring subscription is saved in the subscription Donation metadata.
  • Fix: YooKassa YooMoney payments bug – “yoomoney” error fixed.
  • Fix: Polylang compatibility bug fixed.
    ~ Tweak: CSS for some new admin pages optimized.


  • New: now Extensions Controller & Render support the case of Extension w/o options.
  • New: Yandex.Kassa to YooKassa – gateway renaming & logo changes.
  • New: Donation donor comment added as a separate column in admin donations list table.
  • New: Organization short name emails placeholder added.
  • New: Emails & Terms placeholders display in the options returned.
  • Fix: Mixplat options – small additions & wording fixes.
  • Fix: Mixplat vulnerability with signature check in callbacks fixed.
  • Fix: empty Donors export bug fixed.
  • Fix: Extensions engine – small fixes.
  • Fix: Polylang compatibility bugfix.
  • Fix: text gateway for non-RU int-ns.
  • Fix: now all admin SVG icons sources are correct.
  • Fix: now YooKassa gives canceled rebills a “failed” status & handles failed donations better.
  • Fix: now recurring emails are sent only if active recurring donation is funded.
  • Fix: Init Wizard handle for non-ru countries improved.
  • Fix: Webpay single donatioons checksums checking fix if recurring is on.
  • Fix: CP recurring cancelling callback handling fixed.
  • Removed: now Diagnostic data Dashboard block is displayed only if plugin debug mode is on.
  • Removed: Cron setup info removed from the Diagnostic data Dashboard block.


  • New: BY l10n added.
  • New: BY WebPay gateway added.
  • New: MIXPLAT – API v.3 support added.
  • New: many new UA l10n lines.
  • New: bank IBAN setting field added for UA l10n.
  • Fix: for donations export when PM filter used.
  • Fix: callback handling improved for the Paymaster gateway.
  • Fix: for donor field notice when saving Donor’s admin profile.
  • Fix: for org/person terms mixup on the forms if “physical” legal type is selected.
  • Fix: small improvements for the Sber gateway callback handling.
  • Fix: for UA Liqpay recurring cancelling.
  • Removed: bank account setting field removed for UA l10n.


  • New: internalization code framework added.
  • New: UA Liqpay gateway added.
  • New: now campaigns settings have a character counter for the payment title setting.
  • New: Star template displays PM icons when only one PM available.
  • Fix: CP recurring cancelling callback handling fixed.
  • Fix: now recurring subscription cancelling hook for CP gateway is triggered at all times.
  • Fix: the “notify_tech_support_on_failed_donations” error fixed.
  • Fix: Yandex.Kassa get_gateway_response_formatted() method is more error-proof now.
  • Fix: Star template controller errors fixed for cases when non-RU l10n is used.
  • Fix: small errors in Star & Heed Help templates fixed.
  • Removed: the redundant test payment marker removed for Yandex.Kassa gateeway donations.
  • Removed: phys. persons support removed for the Quittances & PayPal gateways.


  • Fix: donations & subscriptions export fix.
  • Fix: non-workiing active recurring fix.


  • New: plugin internationalization framework added.
  • New: SBerbank Acquiring gateway added.
    ~ Tweak: now options meta is kept in the separate class.
    ~ Tweak: now options allocation is managed by the Allocators classes family.
  • Fix: Star template styling fixes.
  • Fix: now gateways commissions are saved correctly.
  • Fix: multiple static PMs bug fixed.

  • Fix: different CSS, JS & backend fixes.


  • New: the “Need Help” template added.
  • New: date parameters added for the leyka_sum shortcode.
  • New: now the form templates may be disabled (via template parameter in comment header).
  • New: now “send tech. support emails on failed donations” option works on all Gateways that use “failed” donations status.
  • New: now the special option added for plugin debug mode.
  • New: IP list entries for CP are stripslashed.
  • Fix: a rare bug causing notices on the success page fixed.
  • Fix: the default GUA client ID changed to constant value.
  • Fix: Donations list filtering bug fixed.
  • Fix: RUB & EUR symbols added as default currency labels.
  • Fix: improvements of the campaigns target mailout procedure.
  • Fix: now for phys. persons has a proper min. commission value.
  • Fix: now CloudPayments recurring_change callbacks answer correctly.
  • Fix: for the bug of init recurring emails not sending when single donations emails are turned off.
  • Fix: admin. settings tabs redesigned.
  • Fix: different CSS, JS & backend fixes.


  • New: now Smart payment is available for the YK REST API.
  • New: now GA direct integration works with all supported gateways.
  • Fix: Support packages campaign check popup width for Safary fixed.
  • Fix: Gateways commission values saving fixed.
  • Fix: user profile Donor tags list when there are no any tags in DB fixed.
  • Fix: oferta & PD popups scrolling fixed.
  • Fix: PD text page link fixed.
  • Fix: the case when oferta & PD options logically linked together fixed.
  • Fix: array_walk() warning while saving Donor’s admin profile fixed.
  • Fix: GA direct integration – client ID usage fixed.
  • Fix: Yandex.Kassa new API donations gateway response metabox warning fixed.

  • Fix: “cURL error #28” fixed.
  • Fix: CP gateway allowed IPs list updated. Now donations via CP are handled correctly.
  • Fix: the gear icon in the Gateways settings list fixed.
  • Fix: possible incompatibility with PHP 5.4 fixed.
  • Fix: returning Quittance PM fixed.
  • Fix: the Support packages in_array() error fixed.


  • New: recurring subscriptions admin page added.
  • New: the Engagement banner extension added.
  • New: now Google UA supported directly, without dataLayer & GTA.
  • New: the procedure for Donors’ notifications on recurring canceling added.
  • New: Donors admin list – bulk edit feature added.
  • Fix: Donations recurring canceling date bugfix.
  • Fix: Donations admin list – footer CSS bug fixed.
  • Tweak: admin donation details page – details output improved.
  • Tweak: the active recurring procedure improved.
  • Tweak: admin styles improved.


  • New: Extensions engine added.
  • New: Support packages Extension added.
  • New: Donors’ tags bulk edit feature added.
  • New: now Gateways & Extensions lists have one markup group – “Modules”.
  • New: now Gateways Wizards first step allow to enter Gateway parameters at once, without the need to pass the rest of the Wizard.
  • New: Donor’s comment placeholder added to the emails content.
  • Fix: RBK & PayPal gateways bugfixes.
  • Fix: Admin footer & helpchat CSS bugfixes & improvements.
  • Fix: compatibility with non-standard WP core paths improved.
  • Fix: admin small fixes.


  • New: now Gateways cards have an explicit settings link button.
  • New: Donors info column added to the admin Users list.
  • New: Donors management & Donors’ accounts fields logical link added.
  • New: API password setting field added to the CP Wizard.
  • New: new fields added to the settings.
  • Fix: now Donor deletion won’t remove a user account if it has more than “Donor” role.
  • Fix: Donors logging in & account activation fixes.
  • Fix: CP Wizard – small wording & CSS fixes.
  • Fix: now Donors are auto-redirected to the respective Account pages on WP login.
  • Fix: small fixes.
  • Tweak: “Reset filters” for the Donors admin list are auto-submitting filters form now.
  • Tweak: now CP Wizard Copy & Paste steps are merged into one.


  • New: a new group of Star-oriented (more design-flexible) shortcodes added.
  • New: amount_formatted property added for Leyka_Donation.
  • New: filters for Revo & Star fields labels added.
  • New: now plugin ver. is added to the forms templates wrappers as data attribute.
  • Fix: on-demand frontend scripts loading fixed.
  • Tweak: now Star templates more correctly display PM list in cases of many active payment methods.


  • New: now RBK Money gateway supports recurring donations.
  • New: now old form templates (Revo & earlier) are considered deprecated. They are hidden by default.
  • New: Yandex.Kassa new API – errors handling & frontend display improved.
  • New: now Star template supports Mixplat mobile PM.
  • New: PM special fields engine v.1 added.
  • New: Donors list CSV export feature added.
  • New: “Misc” admin tab renamed to “for developers”.
  • Fix: RBK Money gateway fixes & frontend UX changes.
  • Fix: now CloudPayments recurring cancelling works correctly.
  • Fix: now gateways checkboxes options are saved correctly.
  • Fix: muliple shortcodes bugfixes.
  • Fix: the legal face RP placeholder removed from the code.
  • Fix: small Donor logout callback fix.
  • Fix: different small bugfixes.
  • Tweak: small refactoring in the Donations export engine.
  • Tweak: different refactoring & improvements.

  • Fix: bug with spacebar character in the donor names form fields fixed.
  • Fix: now Revo forms display correctly via shortcodes.
  • Fix: “each() is deprecated” notice fixed.


  • New: now PayPal supports REST API integration type.
  • New: now Star is the default template.
  • New: new option added to turn off stats sync attempts.
  • New: additions to the Campaign class.
  • Fix: now Chronopay supports cyrillic site hostnames.
  • Fix: wrong symbols in front-office donation forms “Donor’s name” field bug fixed.
  • Fix: wrong symbols in Yandex.Kassa shopPassword value generation bug fixed.
  • Fix: notice bug for finished campaigns fixed.
  • Fix: now finished campaigns forms are displayed by default.
  • Fix: admin feedback form error message bug fixed.
  • Fix: small bugfixes.
  • Tweak: plugin DB tables update moved from procedures to the specific function.

  • New: now the Donors management feature is on by default for new installations.
  • Fix: now Donors’ metadata calculate correctly for all newly added Donors.
  • Fix: now Donors’ metadata calculation algorithm bases on Donations emails instead of author IDs.
  • Fix: admin feedback form submitting JS error fixed.
  • Fix: small l10n fixes.
  • Removed: unneeded code removed from the plugin core.


  • New: the Donors management features added.
  • New: from now on the plugin activation procedure will run only on plugin activation.
  • Fix: the bug of multiple CP recurring donations, presumably, fixed.
  • Fix: wizards markup fixes.
  • Fix: now gateways commissions are saved correctly for fresh installations.
  • Fix: small bugfixes.
  • Tweak: admin JS partly refactored, it’s volume decreased.


  • New: the plugin Dashboard design renewed.
  • New: now Donors accounts are created even on non-initial recurring donations, if needed.
  • Fix: admin vulnerability fixes.
  • Fix: small bugfixes.


  • New: Now Revo is the default template in the Init Wizard again.
  • New: Persistent campaigns – new CSS editor default styles added.
  • New: CSS editor features for persistent campaigns CSS field added.
  • Fix: Persistent campaign template CSS bugfixes.
  • Fix: Persistent campaign CSS editor bufixes.
  • Fix: Recurring subscription checkboxes bugfix.
  • Fix: Bugfix in Leyka->get_gateways() method.
  • Fix: Bugfix for donations comments checkbox field in the plugin settings.


  • New: now [leyka_campaign_form] and [leyka_inline_campaign] shortcodes may be used interchangeably.
  • Fix: “submitted” donations status description changed.
  • Fix: now Terms agreement checkboxes for Revo & Star templates are independent across different forms on same page.
  • Fix: CloudPayments recurring subscription engine is temporarily changed to the default one.
  • Fix: Star template markup fixes.
  • Fix: now CloudPayments donations work correctly on mobile screens.
  • Fix: small bugfixes.


  • New: Donors personal accounts feature added.
  • New: auto-cancelling recurring subscriptions for CloudPayments is possible now.
  • New: now it’s possible to call procedures as server scripts.
  • New: Google UA & GTM integration now supports Enchanced e-commerce.
  • Fix: plugin usage statistics synchronization & collection fixed.
  • Fix: now active recurring procedure may be called only once per day.
  • Fix: recurring support display on the Star template fixed.
  • Fix: small bugfixes.


  • New: Star template added.
  • New: Persistent campaigns settings & page template added.
  • New: New fields added to the Donations export.
  • Fix: Short month active recurring problem fixed.
  • Fix: “Donor subscribed” filter added to the Donations list admin page.
  • Fix: Revo template markup fixed for some small screen cases.
  • Tweak: Plugin frontoffice & backoffice images optimized.


  • New: DataLayer support added for GA e-commerce integration.
  • New: now Revo campaigns must be explicitly “finished” to disallow further donations.
  • New: the plugin options API improved.
  • Fix: the “502 error” bug fixed.
  • Fix: a bugfix for non-Revo forms output.
  • Fix: now plugin options save correctly.
  • Fix: styles for PHP version error message fixed.
  • Fix: now Yandex.Kassa Smart payment PM is removed when new YK API is in use.
  • Fix: now active recurring scheme for the last days in the short months works correctly.
  • Tweak: form templates screenshots tinified.
  • Tweak: CSS optimizations.
  • Tweak: plugin loading sequence optimizations.
  • Tweak: optimizations in the Campaign class for large databases.


  • New: new design of Campaign View settings area added.
  • New: now plugin features debug mode switches on/off based on LEYKA_DEBUG instead of WP_DEBUG.
  • New: settings render feature – email field rendering function added.
  • New: demo mode plugin option added.
  • New: donation form templates filter added.
  • New: Dashboard commission fields feature added.
  • Fix: incorrect symbols in Yandex.Kassa shopPassword value generator removed.
  • Fix: Kandinsky theme compatibility fixes.
  • Fix: frontend dependencies versions updated.
  • Fix: l10n fixes.
  • Fix: Wizard settings render – PHP notice fix.
  • Fix: small fix in the “campaign target reached” mailout procedure.
  • Fix: now PM category on gateway settings page doesn’t display when there is only one of them.
  • Fix: donor emails sending/not sending checkboxes returned to the Notifications settings area.
  • Fix: now thankful emails sended correctly.
  • Fix: now donor data fields values on donation forms are trimmed before forms validation.
  • Fix: Mixplat SMS PM label & campaign total collected amount auto-refresh bugfixes.
  • Fix: CP card PM label display bugfix.
  • Fix: plugin options saving bugfix.
  • Fix: CP documents links fixed.
  • Fix: Revo + CP forms submitting bugfix.
  • Fix: small bugfixes.
  • Removed: now demo donors on Revo template removed.


  • Fix: important CloudPayments bugfixes.
  • Fix: recurring emails titles & texts bugfix.


  • Fix: different bugfixes.


  • New: plugin settings UI updated.
  • New: Setup Wizards added: initial, Yandex.Kassa, CloudPayments.
  • New: settings Controllers & Renders framework added.
  • New: now PHP v5.6 is the min. supported version.
  • Tweak: small optimizations.
  • Fix: small bugfixes.


  • New: Paymaster gateway support added.
  • Fix: server-side errors handling improved for Revo template.


  • New: Yandex.Kassa new API support added.
  • New: Chronopay callbacks handling are more stable now in the cases of DB low performance.
  • Fix: PayPal recurring frequency is 1 month now.
  • Fix: now commissions apply correctly.
  • Fix: Now new Yandex.Kassa branding icons are in use.


  • New: RBK Money new API support added. Now the gateway is operational again.

  • New: now Leyka may optionally syncronize outer IP for Yandex.Kassa requests with inner IP.
  • Fix: important fix for donation amount passing while using redirects-based gateways with Revo template.


  • New: Paymaster gateway support added.
  • New: the “campaign finished” donors mailout feature added.
  • New: now all payment methods have both SVG & PNG icons.
  • Fix: now CloudPayments recurring works normally.
  • Fix: now Quittances work normally on Revo template.
  • Fix: different form templates fixes.
  • Fix: localization improved.
  • Fix: Polylang support module fixed.
  • Fix: success subscription widget submitting fixed.
  • Fix: now all plugin options values are trimmed before saving.
  • Fix: lots of small fixes.
  • Tweak: success & failure widgets output checks improved.
  • Tweak: now CP IPs list option has empty default value.
  • Tweak: plugin JS optimized.
  • Tweak: links security improved.
  • Tweak: obsolete code removed.


  • New: in the donations export, donations amount and currency are separate columns now.
  • New: PayPal recurring donations added.
  • Fix: CloudPayments on the Revo template works correctly again.
  • Fix: min and max donations amount settings for the Revo template fixed.


  • New: PayPal payments API for Revo template changed to checkout.js.
  • Tweak: Revo template CSS compatibility with outside code improved.
  • Fix: recurring donations gateways commissions behavior fixed.
  • Fix: small fixes.


  • New: gateways commissions function added.
  • New: optional donor comment field added.
  • Fix: missing emails settings returned.
  • Fix: localization improved.
  • Fix: lots of small fixes.


  • New: Personal data usage options support added.
  • Fix: Recurring email notifications fixed.
  • Fix: Yandex.Kassa – recurring bugs fixed.
  • Fix: localization improved.


  • New: Yandex.Kassa recurring subscription cancelling via donor emails added.
  • New: inner API architecture improved.
  • Tweak: wordings improved.
  • Fix: fixes of Revo compatibility with different themes.


  • New: Revo template added.
  • New: inner API architecture evolved. Template controllers class tree added.
  • Tweak: localization files detached from the plugin bundle and provided via WP language packs.
  • Tweak: many wordings improved.
  • Fix: lots of small fixes.


  • New: plugin options and data clearup function added.
  • New: fields with donation form shortcodes added in campaigns admin area.
  • Fix: problem with inactive donation amount on Radio template solved.
  • Fix: now shortcodes in Terms of Service text work correctly.
  • Fix: support system contacts update.
  • Fix: Terms of Service text markup improved.


  • New: “Neo” donation form template added.
  • Fix: markup for the Radios and Toggles template fixed.

  • Fix: now single bank card payments via PayPal in real mode work correctly.
  • Fix: bug with some obsolete and untranslated language lines fixed.

  • Fix: missing adminbar now returned.
  • Fix: now donation forms can include custom select fields, and amount fields will not be disabled.


  • New: alhpa-version of PayPal gateway support added (Express Checkout, single payments).
  • New: now gateway redirection page can be customized by client code.
  • New: now Chronopay payments can pass uniqueness checks.
  • New: Yandex Smart payments added.
  • New: now Yandex.Kassa gateway can use shopPassword parameter to enforce payments security.
  • Fix: localization …