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Marc Chat Assistant – WordPress Plugin


Welcome to Marc Chat Assistant! This WordPress plugin is a powerful tool designed to create a chatbot that will help you generate more leads for your website. Engage your visitors, answer their questions, and capture valuable information with this user-friendly chatbot.


User-friendly Interface:

The Marc Chat Assistant provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for both administrators and users.

Lead Generation:

Convert website visitors into potential customers by collecting their contact information through the chatbot.

Customizable Chatbot:

Tailor the chatbot to match your brand’s personality and meet your specific needs.

Automated Responses:

Provide instant responses to frequently asked questions with pre-configured answers.

Seamless Integration:

The plugin integrates seamlessly into your existing WordPress website.


After successful installation and activation, the Marc Chat Assistant will be ready to engage with your website visitors. The chatbot will automatically appear on the designated location on your website, where visitors can interact with it.

Use the plugin settings to configure the chatbot’s behavior, welcome message, and automated responses. Adjust these settings to suit your website’s unique requirements and provide a personalized experience for your users.

Support and Feedback

For any assistance or queries related to the Marc Chat Assistant plugin, you can reach out to our support team by email at

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions to enhance the plugin’s functionality and make it even more useful for you and other users. Feel free to share your thoughts on the WordPress plugin repository or via email.


The Marc Chat Assistant plugin is licensed under the GPL2 License. You are free to use, modify, and distribute this plugin in compliance with the terms and conditions of the GPL2 License.

Author Information

The Marc Chat Assistant plugin is developed and maintained by Marcus Desenvolvedor Web. To learn more about the author and explore other projects, visit


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