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OmniLeads Scripts and Tags Manager


Configure your WordPress website for all Google products: Webmaster Tools / Search Console, Analytics, Remarketing and Tag Manager and the plugin takes care of placing it correctly. Easie, simple and fast plugin conforming to all implementation requirements for these services.

Visit the plugin home page.

This plugin has lots of documentation to help with adding your scripts

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  • Plugin options page
  • Add script / code example
  • Dynamic remarketing enabled


  1. Download the plugin code zip.
  2. Upload zip file with the standard WordPress plugin installer.
  3. Activate the plugin via the plugins menu.
  4. Go to the plugin settings via the menu Plugins and the Scripts and tags manager sub menu.
  5. Paste your scripts into text areas in the tabs.


What does this plugin do?

OmniLeads Scripts and Tags Manager lets users include all Google scripts and tags relevant to configuring their website for Google related services and is developed by Omni Leads B.V. and authored by Daniel Mulder.

Where can I find more information on this plugin?

Visit the documentation page OmniLeads Scripts and Tags Manager for this.

How do I access the plugin options / settings page?

WordPress administrators can configure the plugin and add scripts to the website via the options page. The options page can be found via the left menu in the WordPress dashboard under menu item Scripts and tags manager.

How do I add the a script / code with this plugin?

Once installed the scripts and tags can be set with the plugin by adding them to the appropriate input fields for Google Webmaster Tools (same as Search Console), Analytics, AdWords Remarketing and Google Tag Manager. Be sure to copy and paste the complete scripts / codes that are used by these applications and do not remove tags or anything. Press Save to save your script and check the enable box to enable the script and embed it in the website source code.

How do I add a dynamic remarketing script / code with this plugin?

In dynamic remarketing mode one static tag is created and page are tagged dynamically and on the help page it’s explained how to setup dynamic remarketing
the following topics explain how:
– Lookup the remarketing conversions ID from AdWords
– How to us the dynamic remarketing conversions ID


12 de Setembro, 2017
This plugin helps to embed all scripts neatly. No need for 3-4 different plugins. Easy to integrate. Does not affect the site performance. I recommend giving it a try.
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Registro de alterações


  • Updated to work with all versions of WordPress and up to 4.9


  • Updated and changed the way the Google Tag Manager script is inserted in the page and conforming to the latest change to the way it is inserted. Current method is with two script that are placed in the header and body.


  • Updated and changed the dynamic remarketing impementation to include complete script / code provided by AdWords it self. The way it was implementated in version 0.8 was getting to complex for its intend and this is the raason.


  • Second stable working version with fully working dynamic remarketing added.


  • First upload to stable beta testing production version.