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PlzShareMe URL Shortener & Viral Booster


PlzShareMe URL Shortener & Viral Booster

The PlzShareMe URL Shortener & Viral Booster WordPress plugin will shorten your WordPress Posts into a PlzShare.Me short and socially friendly url. All of your shortened urls can be accessed on your website’s backend. Shorten new posts by creating a new post, and any previously posts by simply going into it and pressing “Update.”

  • Your shortened URLs are then shared throughout the PlzShare.Me social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and others).
  • Every week, we will choose a social post to boost (advertise) on social media and feature it on our blog.
  • We will highlight some of your shortened URLs on PlzShare.Me blog (
  • You can shorten any YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and DailyMotion video on Plzshare.Me to increase your Views/Plays/Loops.
  • Full analytics including total clicks, visitor location and referrers sending traffic to your content accessible from your WordPress backend for your shortened links.
    How to Create Social Share Buttons in WordPress –

Step 1: Creating Short Links, Responsive Social Share Buttons and Subscribe/Follow/LIke Buttons

  1. On the left navigation menu click “PlzShareMe”.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Set your API Key, which can be downloaded free by registering at PlzShare.Me. Go to Settings, then on the right in the Developers box copy the API Key. Paste it into the API Key and save it.
  4. Choose whether you would like to show the Short URL at the bottom of your pages and posts.
  5. Choose if you’d like to display the social icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest) at the bottom of your post or page.
  6. Enter any social account you have. Any you put an ID for will show a subscribe/follow widget at the bottom of your post and pages. Leave any of these blank and it will not show.
  7. Hit save.

Step2: Publishing and Setting The PlzShare.Me Short URL

Once you create a new post, a short url will automatically be created. It’s avaible if you click on the “Short Link” button, as well as through the main PlzShare.Me admin page. On the right side of every post is a total of how many clicks your shortened URL has received.

To set a short url for any previous posts, simply click into the post and choose “Update.” It will assign the url.

Viewing My Statistics

  1. On the right hand side of any post, click “More Details”
  2. On the main PlzShare.Me admin page you will receive a table of all your shortened content. The API Key will call all of your stats from your PlzShare.Me account. Click on “View Stats” to see analytics for any shortened post.
  3. If you’ve created a PlzShare.Me shortened url for a video (YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, or DailyMotion), simply log into your account on PlzShare.Me and you may see all your links and their related stats for your website and your videos.
  4. You can now see the traffic we send in your Google Analytics. Go to Aquisitions > All Traffic > and look for “ / social”.

Social Sharing Perks

Have you ever shortened your links on,, or others? How many times have they shared your content with their networks to help get you exposure? Exactly. This is the perk we offer, which sets us apart from all the rest.

Every post you create that receives a PlzShare.Me shortened url will be shared on at last one our own social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon, or Google+). You will begin to get more shares, followers and visits to your website with every post you shorten with us. We share every valid link you shorten on our social networks, and (if you have a social account) we will tag you to help build awareness! Think of us as your URL Sharing Social and Viral Marketing Team.

We will also highlight and link to your content on our blog at

Help and Support

Visit and send us your questions. Also, you may add it in the support tab here.

Imagens de tela

  • PlzShare.Me Url Shortener & Viral main page to view all shortened links on your website.
  • To get your API Key, register on, login, go to Settings and on the lower right side copy your API Key. Paste it in the API Key box in your settings page.
  • Optionally, you may change your API Key and social settings from the Settings page.
  • When you publish a post, you will see the total clicks on the shortlink in the right side of your POST’s screen.
  • When you “View Stats” of any shortlink, you will see analytics from TOTAL CLICKS, TOTAL UNIQUE CLICKS, CLICKS FROM COUNTRIES, and TRAFFIC CHANNELS.


To install a social sharing plugin via FTP

  1. Download the PlzShare.Me URL Shortener & Viral Booster plugin
  2. Unarchive Social Buttons plugin
  3. Open the ftp \wp-content\plugins\
  4. Paste the plug-ins folder in the folder
  5. Go to admin panel => open item “Plugins” => activate PlzShare.Me URL Shortener & Viral Booster plugin
  6. Go to admin panel => PlzShare.Me to modify your settings

or via WordPress Admin
1. Go to Plugins and choose “Add New”
2. Search for “plzshareme” and install and activate the plugin
3. Go to admin panel => PlzShare.Me to modify your settings


How is this plugin better than other URL Shorteners?

How many other URL Shorteners will promote your content just for using their shortener? Will they promote your content on their social media to help get you traffic? Can you view general total click stats in your website instead of logging into theirs? and can you do all this for free? This is what makes our plugin better.

How do i increase views to my YouTube, Vine, Vimeo or DailyMotion video?

First, shorten your link on your website to your post that includes your video. Second, log into your account on and submit a link for your video on YouTube, Vine, etc. This new shortened link will create a landing page containing your video. Because you shortened this link in your account, we will promote both your website and the shortened video link giving you more views to your videos.

Do I need to show the social links to have my content promoted?

No, just sync your API Key to the plugin so your posts are shortened and tracked. We’ll see your content get shortened. The shortened icons are optional.

I use a shortener (or the Jetpack plugin) to shorten my links. Can I still use the PlzShareMe plugin to have my content promoted?

Absolutely! The PlzShareMe url shortener works with other shorteners too like and others. You’ll come to find out these other shorteners just shorten and do nothing else for you. We go far beyond and actually promote your content that will send you traffic. Simply follow the installation directions and you’re all set. Nothing else needs to be done.

How often will my posts get shared and boosted?

We share content daily. Expect your content to get shared within 1-3 days after it’s published. We choose 1 random post every day to advertise (“boost”) on social media. This post, like all our shared content, links directly to your site using your link. As a result, you’ll see your content get much more attention more frequently.


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I tested this plugin and its lightweight and easy. Gotta love the free traffic and social promotion. Great behind the scenes marketing plugin
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