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PushAssist is a comprehensive push notification for WordPress blogs and websites, trusted by thousands of developers, WordPress & WooCommerce site owners and marketers across the globe. It allows your website to re-engage your most loyal customers with targeted push notifications.

This plugin will automatically install the required library into your website post account verification. You can either create your free account or provide your API Keys & Secret Keys to start using PushAssist. All the major functionalities, dashboard, metrics are displayed within your WordPress Admin Panel.

Post setup, your visitors can opt-in to receive push notifications when you publish a new post, and visitors receive these notifications even when they are not browsing your site. These notifications are delivered on all devices i.e. desktops, tablets and even mobile phones.

When customers visit your site, they can opt-in to receive push notifications from your website. To engage you can alert your visitors when new content is published, send them offers, tips or anything else and eventually convert them to regular and loyal readers. It’s like a newsletter, but more efficient and effective in keeping your audience engaged. Push Notifications for WordPress by PushAssist allows you to focus on building beautiful website without developing the core push notification API driven code within your WordPress website.

Push notifications are an incredibly user-friendly communication channel, has a higher opt-in rate and click-through rate in the range of 12-18%, which is dramatically better than other channels, such as email or Twitter.


  • Instant notifications: Notifications appear as message alerts and even sound alerts depending upon OS.
  • Powerful APIs: Provides easy to use REST APIs, available via secure HTTPS to send and receive data.
  • Segments: Smart segmentation divides your users in groups with segmentation.
  • HTTP/HTTPS: It works for both HTTP or HTTPS WordPress websites.
  • GCM: It also allows you to use your own GCM keys for push notification.
  • Campaigns: Premium accounts can send or schedule marketing notification campaigns from PushAssist control account Panel.
  • Automatic: Automatically send notifications on new posts and updated posts.
  • Site Logo: Quick Setting to send post image or site logo when sending push notifications automatically..

Who Is This Plugin For?

This plugin is primarily intended for WordPress site owners, marketers who do not want to develop their own server-side back-end since it’s a complicated and time consuming thing. This plugin handles all and lets you focus on your marketing efforts to re-engage your customers & visitors without any hassle.

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  1. Install PushAssist from the WordPress.org plugin directory or by uploading the PushAssist plugin folder to your “wp-content/plugins” directory.
  2. Install the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  4. Purge your site Cache to see it in action. Just once!
  5. Configure the look and feel of your opt-in box from your account panel.
  6. Account details will be emailed post signup. Didn’t Get Our Email? Check Your Spam Folder.


Do I need to sign up to PushAssist to use this plugin?

Yes, you can create a FREE account from the plugin itself. If you are already using PushAssist just copy your API Key & Secret Key from PushAssist control panel and paste in WordPress dashboard once.

I can’t see any code added to my header or footer when I view my page source

Your theme needs to have the header and footer actions in place before the </head> and before the </body>

I can’t see opt-in box on my site

If you are using cache plugins like W3 Total Cache, Super Cache etc. Just purge the cache one. Also purge CloudFlare or CDN once to see it.

Can PushAssist be implemented on HTTP Websites?

Yes, PushAssist can be implemented on a HTTP or HTTPS websites. In case you want to use your own GCM keys we welcome you to add those in your PushAssist control panel. To add your own GCM API keys please follow the instructions by Google on how to create a GCM key here . Please note that in step 3 you should select Server Key.

Since Push Notifications requires the website be on SSL aka HTTPS we create a sub domain for you which is a valid HTTPS sub domain like https://accountname.pushassist.com. We can also help you setup PushAssist if you have your own Https domain and want to send notifications from your domain name.

What will happen when i reach 3000 subscribers in my FREE account?

Once you reach 3000 subscribers, PushAssist will continue to work and let you collect subscribers but will not let you send notifications to these new subscribers. You can send unlimited notifications to your first 3000 subscriber but to send notifications to all subscribers you need to upgrade to premium (Paid) account. Check our pricing plans.

What will push notifications look like?

That depends on the browser! Each browser will display your notifications somewhat differently, but in general the notifications will look appropriate for the device/OS/browser on which they are displayed

Are there any design templates to choose for opt-in box?

Yes, there are many templates for opt-in box. Configuration is possible within your PushAssist control panel.

Targeting Subscribers with Segments

You can quickly categorize subscribers into different segments. This helps you efficiently target a particular set of subscribers registered under particular segments (group). A typical use case could be one segment each for your categories i.e. Sports, Fitness, Homepage, Pricing etc.

  1. Step 1: Create segments from Segments tab.

  2. Step 2: Add the following JS code on your category pages or on any pages of your site

Subscribing for Single Segment

    var _pa = [];

**Subscribing for Multiple Segments

    var _pa = [];
    _pa.push('Sports', 'Fitness');

Soon, you have some subscribers under segments, you would be able to send personalized messages to specific segments. Users interested in Sports are more likely to click on your notifications about Sports than Politics.


14 de Agosto, 2020
I want to thank these guys for helping me a couple of times. The product is complex, but you can do quite a few things with no programming skills. It would be awesome if we could delete the unsubscribed users completely, instead of weekly but that’s okay! Also add Push Amplification feature to target Chinese OEMs. Many thanks from Australia!
12 de Agosto, 2020
Hey PushAssist team, this is Jim! We have had multiple conversations on your chat support channel and i must agree that your support is polite and super responsive. The way you helped me with GDPR settings for my UK customers is beyond expectations. I have nothing but good words for you.
12 de Agosto, 2020
Awesome plugin that sends out my push messages to all subscribers as soon as a new article is published. Please mention that in order to disable automatic push notifications for post update someone has to disable that feature from settings. It took me a while to figure that out. For my other blog which is in French, i wish you come up with a french version. Nevertheless, i have a very good vibe for this plugin.
11 de Agosto, 2020
I like this plugin as compare to others in same category simply because it does what it should. The free version still has sufficient subscribers for small projects and my wordpress blogs. I had trouble finding my total subscribers and account stats which after talking to support i found under reports. Also couldn’t get my signup email which ironically came 5 minutes late. Everything works just fine. Thanks a lot for your moods and skills <3
21 de Janeiro, 2017 1 reply
Mobile notifications are only if you upgrade to premium. You have to state that in the description or before time was wasted making an account. I don’t mind paying, just don’t like surprises.
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  • Support for wordpress 5.9.3


  • Fixed image upload size issue from pushassist setting option.


  • Dashboard widget added.
  • Recurring notifications functionality introduced.


  • Added more options under settings.
  • Fixed scheduled post auto push notifications issue.


  • Fixed http_query_build warning for WordPress 4.6


  • Fixed future post issue
  • Fixed CDN


Upgrade to get bootstrap css issue fixed.


  • Fixed minor bugs related to file upload.
  • Fixed minor bugs related to jQuery conflicts.