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Seo File Names


Goal of Seo File Names

  • Seo File Names aims to save you time and boost your SEO by automatically renaming the files you upload to the media library with SEO friendly names.

  • This is often overlooked by website authors whereas search engines also rely on file names to understand and index them.

  • It also happens to me very often that clients ask me to upload many images and documents to their website. This plugin has saved me a lot of time by removing the automatic renaming software step (and license fees) before importing the files.

How does Seo File Names works?

  • When you upload a file to the media library, Seo File Names gathers datas from the post, page or term you are currently editing: title, slug, category, tag or taxonomy, type, dates, author…

  • …plus the global site datas: site name and site description, useful to reinforce your brand.

  • With this datas, you build the file names using the predefined tags.

  • You can insert arbitrary text between each tag.

  • The arbitrary text can only contain the characters [a-z], [0-9], space and ‘-‘.

  • Special characters, accented characters and capital letters will be filtered out.

  • Each part of the file name will be separated from the others by dashes if they are not.


  • You can contribute to Seo File Names through Github by creating a pull request

Github repository

Imagens de tela

  • Administration page of Seo File Names
  • Set users who will use Seo File Names
  • Temporarly pause Seo File Names
  • Result on a file name


First Time Using

By default Seo File Names is paused.

  • Go to Seo File Names settings page in Settings > Seo File Names

  • Select your users, set your file naming scheme, disable pause and save.

  • If no scheme is defined, the default file naming scheme used to rewrite your filenames is {site name}-{site description}-{original filename}.


  • You can pause Seo File Names anytime by going to Settings > Seo File Names and enabling pause option. It is much better than disabling it.

  • You can of course update your file naming scheme whenever you like. Remember to use it according to your batch sessions.

What is the best way to use Seo File Names

  • Seo File Names works best when adding files to the media library while editing articles, pages or terms, as it uses the datas being edited.

  • If you upload files directly from the media library page, generic tags are processed (site name, site description, original file name), others are ignored.


2 de Novembro, 2022
Looks like exact what SEO needs Extra feature suggestions: – Add preview – Add CPT (For post types with several categories at once)`
20 de Julho, 2022 1 reply
This plugin says in the description: “renaming the files you upload to the media library with SEO friendly names”. Unfortunately, this is not the case, the file names are only overwritten if you don’t upload the images directly to the media database, but rather to the post. The data from the attachment is not used either, but from the post. So you have – and that’s very bad for SEO – not just one image with the file name, but several. 3 stars because it runs well and does what it shouldn’t do for SEO 😉 The plugin has potential. It would just have to use the attachment data from the media database and update the file name when the data in the media database changes.
15 de Novembro, 2021 1 reply
I love this plugin when planning lots of posts in advance. I don’t have to think about the image name anymore, it gets automatically changed when uploaded to the library. I can choose the format, I generally put %blogname%-%slug% or just %slug% but you can use many other variables. Great tool
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