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Shuffle lets you:

  1. Attach an item (Image, Audio, Video) to anything (Post, Page, Custom Post Type, another Attachment)!

Use these functions in your Theme to get your re-ordered Media:

//In the Loop:

//Outside of the Loop:
get_images( get_the_ID() );

// Audio

// Video


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Imagens de tela

  • In your Post library, rollover actions have added to conveniently point you to all of your item's attachments

  • You can now attach an attachment to ANYTHING, why not another attachment! Since all we are doing is setting post_parent, and attachments are Posts in the database, it is now easy to manage your associations. We also make sure you can't attach an attachment to itself 🙂


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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

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Registro de alterações


  • Update the code, remove things that are now in WordPress core


  • Re-wrote the whole thing


  • Removed =& wherever it was unnecessarily being used, important so no Notices / Errors will not be thrown when error_reporting(-1)


  • get_images() will now exclude the post’s featured image / post thumbnail by default
  • all Theme functions will now take query_posts() params as the only argument if desired, ‘and_featured’ => true will force the return of the post thumnbail in the result


  • Initial release