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SlideShare Presentations in Widget


If you’re looking to display your SlideShare slide decks, infographics, presentations and more from your SlideShare account directly on your WordPress site, you’ve come to the right place.

The SlideShare presentation widget allows you to share your SlideShare presentations on your website with ease. It grabs the latest presentations from your account and gives you complete control over the content that’s featured. You can manage the number of slides directly from your admin, display images, descriptions, titles and dates. It’s quick and efficient, and helps your target audience get the information they need directly on your website.

In addition, there’s no hidden Javascript, so your page load time is going to be quicker and information is easily accessible.

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The following are the steps to install the SlideShare widget plugin:

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, under the option “plugins”, click on “Add New”.
  2. Click on upload at the top.
  3. Browse the location and select the SlideShare widget plugin and click “Install Now”.
  4. To turn the SlideShare widget plugin on, click Activate.
  5. Your WordPress dashboard should now have the option “SlideShare widget” if the plugin is active.
  6. Now apply for SlideShare api at, and you should receive your SlideShare API key and Shared secret immediately.
  7. Go to widgets, add SlideShare widget from the left and make sure to add your slideShare username and select number of slides to be shown.


Can I use the plugin anywhere in the theme?

No, plugin can be used only as a widget.

Can I modify the format?

Yes, you can edit the css file directly.


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