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Sociable RE


Плагин добавляет множество кнопок для публикации ссылок на страницы вашего блога в различных социальных сетях и сервисах закладок.

В русской версии плагина добавлены:

  • ВКонтакте
  • Мой Мир
  • Яндекс.Закладки
  • БобрДобр
  • МоёМесто.ru
  • Сто закладок
  • MisterWong.RU
  • Google Buzz, он же «Живая лента Google»
  • Google Orkut
  • Live Journal, он же Живой Журнал
  • Blogger
  • Одноклассники
  • Блог Я.ру
  • Блог

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Imagens de tela

  • Часть страницы настроек. Порядок кнопок можно задать перетаскиванием
  • Sociable RE в действии.



  1. Деактивируйте старый плагин Sociable
  2. Удалите каталог ../wp-content/plugins/sociable
  3. Распакуйие содержимое архива с последней версией плагина в каталог ../wp-content/plugins/


  1. Скачайте последнюю версию плагина
  2. Распакуйие содержимое архива в каталог ../wp-content/plugins/


  1. В контрольной панели WordPress перейдите в раздел Плагины
  2. Нажмите на кнопку Активировать рядом с плагином Sociable RE

Полную информацию по плагину ищите на Sociable RE.


Ответы на часто задаваемые вопросы вы можете найти на странице плагина


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Contribuidores e desenvolvedores

“Sociable RE” é um software com código aberto. As seguintes pessoas contribuíram para este plugin.


Registro de alterações

  • [upd] обновлена кнопка для twitter’а

  • [add] добавлена кнопка для Я.ру;
  • [add] добавлена кнопка для Li.ру;

  • [upd] новая иконка для twitter’a;
  • [upd] новая иконка для digg’a;
  • [add] добавлена кнопка для Blogger;
  • [add] добавлена кнопка для Одноклассников;
  • [fix] исправлен баг со знаком вопроса в конце заголовка статьи при открытии в IFrame

  • Починил ссылку на Google Buzz (Живую ленту). Спасибо за конструктивную критику тов. qnub

  • ЖЖ не хочет нормально грузить визуальный редактор в thickbox во всех браузерах, кроме Google Chrome. Поэтому начальная часть поста, передаваемая в ЖЖ, не отображается. Пришлось отключить thickbox для ЖЖ

  • Добавлен Живой Журнал
  • Исправлены надписи под кнопками закладок Google и Google Buzz

  • Добавлена социальная сеть Orkut

  • Исправлена ошибка при работе с

  • Добавлен Google Buzz (Живая лента)

  • Добавлены сайты: ВКонтакте, Мой Мир, Яндекс.Закладки, БобрДобр,, МоёМесто.ru, Сто закладок, MisterWong.RU
  • Страница параметров на русской языке


  • Added new services MOB, 豆瓣, 豆瓣九点, QQ书签, LaTafanera, SheToldMe, viadeo FR, Diggita, Design Float
  • Removed ID properties from sociable anchor tags (share links)
  • FIXED: Having a custom image directory now disables sprite usage, and the icons of services are displayed on sociable configuration page.


  • Fixed the xhtml validation issues
  • ‘target=blank’ (open link in new window) issue solved
  • Sprites can now be disabled, allowing for custom icons
  • Sprites have been disabled for RSS
  • You can now deactivate the blogplay widget from your wordpress dashboard


  • The icons now load in a CSS Sprites, allowing for faster download times.
  • These services have been discontinued: BlogMeme FR, BlogMeme SP, co.mments,,,
  • You can now add links to your browser favorites.
  • iFrames added for services that support them.
  • You can know unselect the transparency effect on the sociable icons.


  • Another fix for the sociableoff dilemma’s, no backwards compatibility unfortunately, so disable sociable again on pages where you want to disable it.


  • Fixed the bug mentioned here and here that made it impossible to disable Sociable on a per post/page basis (for real, now).


  • Added a site specific id to each links anchor tag.
  • Fixed the bug mentioned here and here that made it impossible to disable Sociable on a per post/page basis.
  • “Reintroduced” TwitThis as Twitter.


  • Fixed the Sphinn submit link.



  • Fixed the option to disable Sociable on a per post / page basis.


  • More bugfixery.


  • Reverted plugin URL fix because of too many people on old WordPress installations complaining. (Upgrade, people, upgrade!)
  • Added PHPDoc throughout the plugins code.


  • Added a Hyves button.
  • Fixed MSN Reporter button.


  • Fixed RSS.


  • Brought back Tumblr
  • Updated PDF link
  • Added Posterous
  • Smushed all images using, reducing the total image file size with 31.72 KB (42.03%)!
  • Removed pre – 2.6 compatibility code


  • Added new option to use pure text links, instead of image links.
  • Fixed small issue with using target=blank links and the new options.
  • Allowed for usage without an API key, as falls back to “default” shortlinks.
  • Code cleanup for more efficiency in the backend on saving options.
  • General code cleanup.
  • Moved to the new default Changelog markup.


  • Added integration and some sites.


  • Removed the last bit of non jQuery javascript.
  • Improved styling and visual feedback when selecting a site.


  • Moved style loading to admin_print_styles and scripts to admin_print_scripts.


  • Fixed a bug with printing styles in 2.8 beta.


This is a MAJOR update to Sociable. Major Thanks to Jean-Paul of iPhoneclub for all his work in looking up all the sites. The full list of changes:

  • Restored sociable-admin.js, as it got accidentally removed.
  • Added class="sociablefirst" to the first site in the list and class="sociablelast" to the last one.
  • Added:
    • An RSS button, which links to your sites RSS feed
    • for both printing and creating a PDF, replacing the original “Print” function, which didn’t work from RSS
    • Current
    • FriendFeed
    • MSN
    • FS Daily
    • Hello TXT
  • Removed the following sites that were no longer working or active:
    • BlinkBits
    •, .net, .jp
    • Blogsvine
    • Bumpzee
    • Feed Me Links
    • Furl (replaced by Diigo)
    • GeenRedactie
    • Leonaut
    • Magnolia
    • Plug IM
    • Pownce
    • Salesmarks
    • Scuttle
    • Shadows
    • Smarking
    • Spurl
    • Taggly
    • Tailrank
    • Tumblr (due to the change to a POST API, which we, unfortunately, can’t support with Sociable)
  • Updated the following sites to include the excerpt when submitting:
    • Connotea
    • Delicious
    • Digg
    • Ekudos
    • Google Bookmarks
    • NuJij
  • Otherwise updated:
    • Google Bookmarks (new icon)
    • Fleck (New URL)
    • Rec6 (new URL)


  • Fixed bug with stylesheet introduced in 3.1.


  • Converted all images to PNG.
  • Cleaned up usage of javascript in the backend and switched to the jquery library that comes with WordPress.
  • Allowed for usage of an external image directory.
  • Removed pre 2.6 compatibility fixes.


  • Fixed xhtml bug in Netvibes integration.
  • Added Bitacoras.


  • Added
  • Fixed a bug in Yoast Posts widget.


  • Added Netvibes.


  • Security enhancements, thx to Mark Jaquith.


  • Fixed CSS bug introduced in 3.0.


  • Removed some other, now obsolete, code, reducing the code size by another 4KB.


  • Fixed IE bug in admin.
  • Cleaned up Admin Area and changed support messages.
  • Removed directory checking for all images (speeds up incredibly).
  • Made display: inline !important to prevent vertical icon display.
  • Updated Wykop icon.


  • Added a fallback for strip_shortcodes to maintain backwards compatibility with WordPress 2.3 and below.


  • Made sure there are no tags or shortcodes in the excerpt.
  • Added
  • Removed indiagram (shut down).


  • Changed Facebook link from sharer.php (meant for a popup window) to share.php (which has the actual menu on it etc.).


  • Added Tip’d.


  • Added settings link and Ozh admin menu icon.


  • Fixes issue with excerpt not being urlencoded.


  • Fixes for custom fields issues.


  • Fixes for WP 2.7.


  • Added Symbaloo and Tumblr.


  • Fixed Fark & Propeller links.
  • Added missing i18n strings.
  • Added Yahoo Buzz.


  • Removed PopCurrent and Rawsugar as they no longer exist.
  • Renamed BlueDot to Faves.


  • Added Leonaut & MySpace.
  • Fixed plugin description.
  • Added option to disable Sociable on a per post basis.
  • Added option to display sociable on tag pages.
  • Added extra security to config page.
  • Fixed print button.
  • Fixed Twitter functionality.



  • Fixed bug where jQuery UI would be loaded twice.


  • Removed Tool-Man in favor of jQuery, thx to Martin Joosse.


  • General bugfixes.


  • Added,,
  • Made LinkedIn work even better.
  • Made opening in a new window optional.


  • Now adds icons to feeds with excerpts too.
  • Added LinkedIn.


  • Fixed some small issues.
  • Made sure tagline shows up again.


  • Added option to show bookmark icons in feed.
  • Added Ratimarks.
  • Fixed xhtml compliance.
  • Fixed blue dot bug.


  • Fixed WP 2.6 compatibility.


  • Updated inline documentation.


  • Renamed Sk*rt to Kirtsy.
  • Added designfloat.
  • Fixed description.


  • Added HealthRanker, N4G, Meneame, BarraPunto, and E-mail option.


  • Added Global Grind, Salesmarks,, Xerpi, Yigg.


  • Added NuJIJ, eKudos, Sk-rt, Socialogs and


  • Swapped Netscape for Propeller.

Special thanks to Robert Harm for coming up with loads of nice ideas.