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TreeMagic Cypress is a new lightweight browser plugin for Word Press. By double clicking any word, or selecting a group of words on the page, It gives you instant access to several useful options from a discreet popup.

The list of options is configurable fom the plugin administration section and can include queries to any external website you like. You could also query your own website search engine to make instant searches available on any term.

The choice is yours, to query a search engine, reference site, or another website that supports your content. Whatever your choice, TreeMagic Cypress will bring instant extended meaning, context and connectivity to your text. You visitors and members will love the convenience of exploring your pages without leaving your web site!

The prospects for this function are almost limitless and the overhead practically zero. If you or your firm needs to cross-link information between numerous portals, TreeMagic-Cypress could help you achieve that objective. If you would like our help in implementing this function please contact us.

The Future. Now.

A brief Markdown Example

You can start with adding TreeMagic-Cypress options, by pressing the “Add another Option” button in the administration page and filling the mandatory fields:

  1. Display Text: Contains the option’s text that will be shown to the end-users when they highlight any text of the site’s content.

  2. Target URL: Contains the URL address that will be combined with the end-user’s highlighted text, This is how we query the reference site with the word(s) on the page e.g.

  3. New Page: Specifies if the related TM-Cypress option will open the “Target URL” in a new window or in the same browsing window. If you want to keep visitors on your site, use ‘new window’

Additionally and for multi-level options, you can create a child menu for any item, by pressing the “[Add Child]” link and filling all the mandatory fields. On the other hand, you can remove any TM-Cypress option, by pressing on the “[Remove]” link at anytime.

Finally, you need to press “Update Settings” button, to save and save all the changes that you have done.

Practical TM-Cypress Examples

This section shows some practical options that you can use to configure your TM-Cypress instance:

  1. Wikipedia:

  2. Search Google:

    • News:
    • Images:
  3. Google Translate:

    • English – French:
    • English – German:
  4. Dictionary:

  5. Currency Conversion:

    • GBP to USD:
    • USD to JOD:

For more information and support for TreeMagic Cypress, please visit
Details page:


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Extract to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, in order to have a directory structure like /wp-content/plugins/TM-Cypress/.

  2. Activate the plug-in through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

  3. Browse to Options –> TM-Cypress Options Editor and start adding option to your TM-Cypress control.

  4. Place <?php wp_footer(); ?> in your templates (if not exist)


Where I can find a sample working version of TreeMagic-Cypress?

You can see a functional TreeMagic-Cypress at

Where I can find examples of TreeMagic-Cypress options?

Those can be found in the ‘ Practical TM-Cypress Examples ‘ section in the Readme file.


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