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29 de Junho, 2017
It even works within another widget that I use for wysiwyg sidebar development. Thank you so much for this awesome plugin!
4 de Março, 2017
Sometimes is less-more...This tool brakes the widget wit many setting tabs into one column (Ex. Youtube Channel Galery) and there is no influence on settings there. Always thumbnails are with full text from YT under. Also there is no possibility to edit. Everytime You want to change something You have to start again. Otherwise Widget on Pages works perfect and I can change setting in Widget section ;o) I find this Idea good (F.E also for Posts) but it's not working properly yet ;o(
19 de Fevereiro, 2017
Thanks for this - it enabled me to put my latest blog post summary on my static home page. There is probably another way to do that, but I'm not very techy!
8 de Fevereiro, 2017
I'm a WordPress developer and have created a custom theme for a client and this plugin looked ideal, because on my WordPress pages there are two WYSIWYG editor areas, one for the left column and the other for the right column, When I place a Widget into my right column then try to browse the page, then the entire column and all following HTML code is blank. When I remove the Turbo Widget plugin, then my page content comes back to normal. Nice try guys, I loved the GUI in WordPress with the Widget icon, looked really slick but just didn't work for me, and I don't have time to debug your code, so I will search for another plugin that does support Widgets in my custom fields.
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