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Uncovery Gallery


This plugin specializes in displaying all photos of a certain date or between any two points in time.
It takes away the need to handle each photo individually. The admin can simply
upload all images in a batch and the system will recognise the date and time the pictures were taken.

The galleries are then displayed by inserting a short code into any wordpress element
such as posts or pages in the basic format [unc_gallery date=”2006-03-30″].

This plugin is specially made for photo bloggers who often often post several images of a certain event
such as a hike, a trip, a dive or concert without having to touch every single image individually.

Kaywords added in Adobe Lightroom etc. can be directly used on the website to tag photos and posts.

Additional features include:

  • featured photos: show one or more photos larger than others
  • dynamic dates: show the latest, first or random dates
  • date picker: let the user pick the date themselves
  • seamless re-uploading: any photo can be re-uploaded anytime with a better/different version
  • EXIF data: The photo description can show automatically generated photo data such as ISO, F-stop etc.
  • automatic post assignments of tags based on EXIF/IPCT keywords.
  • automatic post assignments of hierarchical categories based on EXIF/IPCT location info
  • optional square or rectangular thumbnails

Imagens de tela

  • A sample gallery without featured images
  • A sample gallery with featured images
  • The admin options screen


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/unc_gallery directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Uncovery Gallery screen to configure it and upload photos


Please note that while deactivating the plugin has no bad consequences, deleting it will also delete all
uploaded photos from the server if you don’t set the proper admin option!


  1. The system cannot handle 2 files of the same filename taken on the same date
  2. The system can only handle files in JPG/JPEG format.
  3. The system cannot handle 2 files that are taken exactly at the same time (date, minute & second).
  4. The system works only on images which have valid EXIF or IPCT creation dates
  5. The admin screen does not have any tabs as in your screenshot, everything is just a list.
    This happens when there is an error in the code before the tabs can be loaded. Please take a look at your website logfile and look for the error.
    If the error is generated by this plug-in, please let me know and I will do my best to fix it.


3 de Setembro, 2016 1 reply
A large feature of the plugin is partly what limits it, and that is that all galleries are chosen by date, rather than a manual grouping. While this does limit how you can display galleries, it means that uploading photos is the only step to add them into galleries, since it automatically pulls the date and other metadata from the photos. Keeping the galleries separate from the Wordpress media library is excellent for those that have hundreds or thousands of photos to display, as it doesn’t clutter up the media library.
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Registro de alterações


  1. Bug fixes


  1. featured images that do not fit on the screen with the fixed height are now shrunken to maintain the aspect ratio
  2. better image delete-link in image manager
  3. made the location of the admin menu optional between settings or sidebar
  4. refresh the admin image manager after uploads
  5. better formatting for the admin settings help text
  6. made deletion of images on uninstall optional
  7. auto-select sample shortcode in admin screen
  8. EXIF/IPCT/XMP data can be chosen individually
  9. automatic post assignments of tags based on EXIF/IPCT keywords
  10. automatic post assignments of hierarchical categories based on EXIF/IPCT location info
  11. featured images can now be latest and random images of the given set
  12. optional square or rectangular thumbnails


Plugin description update, version name fix


Failed upload, 2nd try (no changes to code)


  1. You can now have several featured images
  2. You can now have several galleries on one page without photoswipe breaking


  1. no more date needed if start / end time given
  2. rss feed display fixed
  3. added EXIF photo data reader
  4. featured image row height option
  5. bug fixes


Add Photoswipe as a display option
Bug fixes


Initial Release