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Write your content remotely. Curate any kind of content remotely and publish it remotely.
This the most powerful and all time free remote content publishing plugin. There has to be an easier way to write any content from anywhere and also able to publish it directly to one’s WordPress. Prep your content somewhere else and automatically ship it/publish to your WordPress site, No easier way, no better way? Post remote is the answer. It’s Fast as lighting, clean and super adaptable. Scaling up your content writing, ramp up your publishing frequency and manage your own content from anywhere. Empower your team, content writers and journalist. By collaborating remotely and publishing without barriers.This plugin has been curated for seamless and compatible publishing with media upload.

Work is now easier, Content publish is better, easier we can now say Perfect!! Now Go Live from anywhere.


It’s a no brainer just Download.
install the plugin
Go to
Create an account
Create, edit, import and manage your content
Publish to any Blog you want.


Q:How much is Post Remote?
Post Remote is absolutely free for life.
Q: How does it work?
Post remote relies on third party Voimada an intelligent content creation and publishing tool
Q:Why did we build Post Remote?
Post remote came about when a few journalist testing voimada requested if it was possible to publish directly from voimada to WordPress.So we decided to have some fun, build it & give it for free use.
Q:So is Voimada Free.
Voimada free version absolutely allows content creation, editing and publishing for free except if you want premium features like Voice recognition, sentiment analysis, transcription and other Machine learning capabilities.
Q: How do I access this plugin?
We have detailed installations steps in the installation tab above.


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