WappPress – Create Mobile App for any WordPress site with our Mobile App Builder in just 1 minute


WappPress is a Leading-edge Plugin to Build Real-time Android Apps for any WordPress Website


WappPress is the most cost-efficient platform, allowing you to convert WordPress website to Android App instantly in just few simple steps. You will be able to explore the infinite possibilities such as customized icon, screen, & theme designer, shortcodes supports, push notification, monetize your app features, and many more. After building the app, you can simply publish it on Google’s Play Store and let the whole world download and use your app.


  • Admob
    Google AdMob Interstitial help you to build a great app business by earning money from your app.

  • Push Notifications
    Reach your entire user based quickly & easily, while keeping them informed and engaged about your app.

  • Launcher Icon
    Choose an impressive launcher icon. Customize & transform it into a distinct silhouette unique shape.

  • Launcher Screen
    Select a launcher screen of your choice and customize it into a crisp and high-density with no scripting knowledge.

  • Real Time
    Convert any WordPress website into an Android app in real time. Apps built with WappPress can update, & sync data instantly in the platform when data changes.

  • Different Home page for App

  • Use a unique home page for app different from your website.

  • Different Theme for App

  • Use a unique theme for app different from your website.


  • Android User Exposure

  • Maximum of the consumers favor apps over websites and used for wide spectrum of purposes such as shopping, banking, messaging, news, sports, and many more.

  • Android mobile market has been expanding non-stop in every industry.

  • An android mobile app can help you to become more available and easily found by millions of android users.

  • An android mobile app can become an extension of your brand/business, providing another revenue channel to your business.

  • You can send Message/Alert about offers/discount/new-arrival to all the users of your app, hence it can be extremely beneficial for your brand/business.

Why WappPress:

  • You can instantly convert any WordPress Website into an immersive Android App in few easy steps

  • You don’t need any coding skills

  • You can create & upload customized Launcher Icon & Splash Screen that match your style and branding

  • You can use different themes & home page on android app & on website simultaneously

  • You can send Push Notifications

How it Works:

  1. Download
    Download the WappPress plugin. After clicking the download link, you will get a zip file.

  2. Install
    Once you have completed the downloading process, install WappPress plugin on your WordPress website. You will need to select the downloaded zip file, extract the files & install the plugin.

  3. Design and Style
    Customize your app to meet your needs by using our WappPress plugin features.You can choose, customize, upload icon, screen, theme, etc and also use different home page and themes different from your website.


You can publish on your own by using APK file generated by WappPress plugin. If you need any help in publishing your app on Google Play store, you can contact at info@wapppress.com


Installing the WappPress WordPress Build Android App Plugin from your WordPress admin panel

  1. Go to the “Plugins” / “Add new” on the left main menu.

  2. Type WappPress within the search box and click “Search Plugins”.

  3. Choose the “WappPress A WordPress mobile app plugin that makes it easy to build android apps for WordPress website”.

  4. Click “Install Now”.

  5. Click “Activate Plugin”.

  6. Click the WappPress icon on the left main menu to start building Android app for your wordpress Website.

Download and Install the the WappPress WordPress Build Android App Plugin from wordpress plugin directory

  1. Click the “Download” button.

  2. Go to your WordPress admin panel, open the Plugins menu on the left main menu and click “Add New”.

  3. Click upload on the top page menu.

  4. Choose the “WappPress A WordPress mobile app plugin that makes it easy to build android apps for WordPress website” plugin and click “Install Now”.

  5. Click “Activate Plugin”.

  6. Click the WappPress icon on the left main menu to start building Android app for your wordpress Website


  1. Who can use WappPress mobile app plguin?
    WappPres mobile app plugin can be installed on any WordPress powered website that has the capability to install a WordPress plugin.

  2. Do I need a programmer to create an Android mobile App using WappPress plguin?

No, The WappPress mobile app Plugin is very simple and you can create your own mobile App in just few easy steps. This mobile app plugin turns any wordpress powered website into a mobile App automatically.

  1. What version of WordPress do I need to use WappPress Mobile app plugin?
    WordPress mobile app plugin requires at least 3.5 or above versions of WordPress.

  2. Can I use my existing wordpress theme in mobile app?
    Yes, you can use your existing wordpress theme.

  3. Can I use my existing wrodpress site to install wapppress and build Mobile App?
    Yes, you can use your existing website to work with WappPress. You can even use a new site if you want.

  4. Will WappPress work on website developed using Magento or Joomla or Drupal?
    No, WappPress has been specifically developed to work with WordPress and it wont work on other content management systems.

  5. I already have a fully mobile responsive theme on my site. So if I use this plugin, can I select that theme and home page in the theme selection drop down?
    Yes, it will allow you to select already installed theme and home page in the drop down.

  6. Will my all custom wordpress plugins work in mobile app?
    Most of the wordpress plugins work, but some of the more complex plugins may require some customization.

  7. Does the mobile app build using WappPress plugin shows my content (posts, comments, images) in real-time?
    Yes, the WappPress mobile app plugin will show all of your content (posts, pages, comments etc.) in your mobile app in quickly and in real-time.

  8. If I make changes to my website, add data etc, would that reflect in the actually published android app immediately or each time I will have to reach out to you to republish? Would the changes be published free of cost?

Your website is wrapped in an app wrapper, and what you see inside the app is similar to what youd see in a browser. Because of that all changes will be reflect immediately in the app and do not need to reach out to us or republish the app.

  1. How much time it will take to build/ generate an android app using WappPress?
    WappPress plugin build mobile app in few seconds, but in some cases it may take few minutes, the average app build (compile) time is 1-2 minutes.

  2. What is a Push Notification and how does it works?

Push notifications enables your android app notify a user of a new messages / events even when the user is not actively using your android app. You can send push notifications by using PUSH NOTIFICATION (Message/Alert) tab of wapppress plugin.

  1. Is there any way to use different theme than actual desktop version?

Yes, this feature is available, you can select a different theme for your mobile app under “SELECT A THEME FOR YOUR APP” section in wapppress plugin

  1. Do I need to open my own Google Play account?
    Yes, if you want your brand name to be displayed as the app publisher on Google app store a Google Play account is required.

  2. How do I publish the app to android market?

To publish your app you need to register for a Publisher Account on google. You can follow the instructions provided in Get Started with Publishing section of google or contact us and we will help you in publishing your app on android market.

  1. Does WappPress Team provide a customer support?

Yes, we will provide excellent support to you for our product. You can contact WappPress Support Team by writing to info@wapppress.com


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