An RSS feed is a machine readable method to structure content of a blog or a website. With the RSS block you can display updates on your site dynamically. The feed is updated automatically after you added the block. Learn more about RSS on Wikipedia

The RSS block is found in the “Widget” category of the inserter. It is used to display items from a RSS feed, for instance of another Blog or WordPress site. You can display the Title, Author, Date and Excerpt of each item in the feed. You can display it in a list or as a grid in a set number of columns.

You need to know the RSS Feed’s URL. Some websites display an orange icon with a link together with their links to their social network profiles
Learn more about WordPress Feeds 

Our example uses the feed of the News section on

Embed Place Holder for RSS block

Once you paste or type the Feed’s address in to the “Enter URL here…”-box, and click on “Use URL”-button, the block displays the titles of the feed items. 

Use the options in the Block Toolbar and the controls in the Block Settings panel in your editor’s sidebar to fine-tune the display.

Block Toolbar

The Block Toolbar shows six buttons: 


RSS block is not transform-able to any other block. 


You can change the feed’s address by entering a different URL.


Displays the feed items in a list. Use the Block settings controls to adjust the display.


Display the feed items in a grid. Use the Block settings controls to adjust the number of columns and the other display options. 

Block Settings

Screen shot Block Settings for RSS block

Number of items

Slider and number box to adjust the number of feed items you’d like to display. To change the number move the dot on the slider or update the number in the box next to it.

Display author

Switch on/off the display of the author’s name 

Display date

Switch on/off the display of the published date of the feed items

Display excerpt

Switch on/off the display of an excerpt from the feed items content. 

Max number of words in excerpt

Control the number of words that you display from the feed item’s content.  The minimum number is 10. This section is not visible if “Display excerpt” is in the OFF position. 


Slider to control the number of columns for the grid view. This option is only visible when you select the Grid view on the Block Toolbar. )


  • created: 11/23/2019 / WordPress 5.3