Are you looking for a timeless, elegant, and streamlined discussion board? bbPress is easy to integrate, easy to use, and is built to scale with your growing community.

bbPress is intentionally simple yet infinitely powerful forum software, built by contributors to WordPress.

Imagens de tela

  • Fóruns - Interface do adminsitrador
  • Tópicos - Interface do administrador
  • Respostas - Interface do adminsitrador
  • Configurações - Interface do administrador
  • Configurações 2 - Interface do administrador
  • Temas - Interface do administrador
  • Fórum único - Tema padrão


De seu painel de ferramenta WordPress

  1. Visite ‘Plugins > Adicionar novo’
  2. Pesquisar por ‘bbPress’
  3. Ative o bbPress na sua página Plugins. (Você será recebido com uma mensagem de boas-vindas.)


  1. Download bbPress.
  2. Envie a pasta ‘bbpress’ para sua pasta ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ usando seu método favorito (ftp, sftp, scp, gerenciador de arquivos etc…)
  3. Ative o bbPress na sua página Plugins. (Você será recebido com uma mensagem de boas-vindas.)

Assim que ativado

  1. Visite ‘Forums > Adicionar’ e crie alguns fóruns. (Você sempre pode excluir depois.)
  2. Se você tem os links permanentes legíveis habilitado, visite, se você não tiver, visite
  3. Visit ‘Settings > Forums’ and configure the settings to best match the needs of your community.
  4. Visite ‘Ferramentas > Fórums > Importar Fóruns’ se você tiver um fórum existente para converter em bbPress.

Assim que configurado

  • O bbPress vem com uma API de compatibilidade de tema robusta que faz o seu melhor para que o bbPress apareça bem em qualquer tema WordPress. Você pode precisar ajustar só algum estilo ou outro para deixar tudo perfeito.
  • Você pode querer personalizar as etapas registrar/ativar/entrar/senha-perdida para que melhor se adaptem ao seu website. O bbPress vem com shortcodes que possibilitam isso, confira a lista aqui:
  • O bbPress também vem com suporte embutido ao Akismet e BuddyPress, dois plugins WordPress bastante populares e poderosos. Se você está usando algum deles, visite a página Configurações do Fórum e certifique-se que a integração esteja correta.


7 de Abril, 2024
I haven't installed this but I am a user of a forum using this plugin and it's terrible! I don't know what part are the rules set up by the admin and what are just bugs. I've complained to the admins without results so I post my issues here. It does not allow external images, sometimes! Sometimes it does?! The upload function for images is buggy as heck Spend too long composing a message and the post fails Edit a message and while it goes through, it deletes the message! The main problems with the above is that every problem, every issue means the message I mean to post gets DELETED and there are no warnings! It is destroyed and never seen again! I don't like not being able to use external image links, but I can live with it. What I can't live with is the capricious nature of the software and that my messages are so easily deleted. Since this forum has foregone simple forum submits and uses ajax instead, the browser itself can never save the message which on older forums meant you could backspace and save your message. This does not work here. If your post has an error or violation of some kind you are not sent back to the editor, THE POST IS DELETED ! Same thing if I edit a post, if I accidentially did something the forum software didn't like it again DELETES THE POST! And you get no warnings, you just press the submit button and everything is gone.
21 de Fevereiro, 2024 2 replies
After 2 years without any update, no programmer in the world can convince me that everything is great and in perfect order! Because now the plugin spits out some forum content at a URL that is supposed to generate a 404 error! what the …I have uninstalled the plugin today and I can only hope that it has not left too much garbage data behind, as I have read in other comments.If anyone knows of a better alternative, please let me know.
8 de Fevereiro, 2024
This plugin is not supported for last 2 year and it does not work at all with new Wordpress (blank pages). It should be removed from the wordpress plugin list.
9 de Dezembro, 2023 2 replies
Why don't you update the plugin?Why aren't you up to date like wpforo
19 de Abril, 2023
bbpress is very old fashioned and a bit cumbersome and buggy. The search does not work with the latest wordpress version, you always end up on an archive page with wrong display. The error is not caused by the theme or another plugin, have tried many things. With some themes only a blank page comes up.Also the url structure is not really nice (/forums/forum/..). bbPress urgently needs an overhaul! I spent 2 days with bbPress, before I finally switched to another plugin, because it was not possible to get bbPress to run without errors. There are better free forums for wordpress that look much more modern (Asharos forum worked right away, without problems).
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