WordPress is continually under development. Currently, work is underway on Phase 2 of the Gutenberg project. The Gutenberg project is a reimagination of the way we manage content on the web. Its goal is to broaden access to web presence, which is a foundation of successful modern businesses. Phase 1 was the new block editor, which was released in WordPress 5.0, you can see that in action here. In 2021 we’re focusing on merging full site editing (Phase 2) into WordPress which brings block editing to the entire site, not just posts and pages. For more information on full site editing, its components, and other active feature work, check out the Feature Projects Overview page.

For 2021 the project has some big picture goals, as outlined in this post:

  • Full site editing: Bring into the Gutenberg plugin, and subsequently WordPress Core, the ability to edit all elements of a site using Gutenberg blocks. This will include all in-progress features designed to help existing users transition to Gutenberg as well. Scope/Timeline: MVP in the plugin by April 2021, v1 in Core by WordPress 5.8.
  • LearnWP: Enable WordPress skills-leveling by providing workshops, pre-recorded trainings, and self-serve learning opportunities on Scope/Timeline: regularly publish new workshops and lesson plans, maintain a high pass rate on workshop quizzes to establish learner success and comprehension.
  • Contributor tools: Decrease the manual overhead of maintenance work for teams through better tooling. Scope/Timeline: Varied, and pending additional testing.

Want to get involved? Head on over to Make WordPress! We can always use more people to help translate, design, document, develop, and market WordPress.

Lançamentos atualmente planejados

Aqui estão os lançamentos planejados atuais e links para seus respectivos Marcos em nosso rastreador de problemas. Todas as datas projetadas são para fins de discussão e planejamento, e serão firmadas como nos aproximamos do lançamento.

Versão Planejado
5.9 (Trac) Dezembro 2021

Para mais informações sobre o planejamento de lançamentos agendados, leia o post sobre a proposta de lançamentos para 2020-2021 no Make WordPress Core.

No mês anterior ao lançamento, os novos recursos foram congelados e o foco é inteiramente garantir a qualidade do lançamento, eliminando erros e criando o código para problemas de desempenho .

You can see an overview of past releases on our history page.

Roteiro de longo prazo

Phase 2 of Gutenberg won’t be finished when it’s merged into WordPress. The work to gather feedback and iterate based on user needs will continue after WordPress 5.8 is released. As a reminder, these are the four phases outlined in the Gutenberg project:

As quatro fases de Gutenberg

  1. Edição mais simples — Já disponível em WordPress, com futuras melhorias
  2. Personalização — Edição completa do site, padrões de blocos, diretório de blocos e temas baseados em blocos
  3. Colaboração — Uma forma mais intuitiva de co-autoria dos conteúdos
  4. Multilíngue— Implantação do núcleo para sites multilíngues